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The following list is composed of what I believe are the funniest movies I've ever seen. (Note: They're not in order yet, but they eventually will be.) I also include my favorite joke from each film in the list.
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I've seen a lot of bad movies in my lifetime, but these ones stand out as being ESPECIALLY horrendous.
Do NOT watch these movies. Unless you're a masochist.
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The greatest films not in the English language... Note: Like my "500 Greatest Movies Of All Time" list, this list does not reflect my personal opinions. Once again, this list was created by Empire Magazine. Also, it's in reverse order (Night Watch is 100, Iron Monkey is 99, Ran is 98).
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These people are hacks in most regards, but they do have one film that is watchable.
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The following list is composed of a bunch of poorly-received films that I do not plan to watch any time soon. I say "most likely" because I am factoring in the VERY SLIGHT chance I may actually see them in the future. (That, of course, would depend upon the situation For example, say that a psychotic lunatic broke into my house and pointed a gun at my head or the head of a loved one, then he told me that the only way I could stop him from pulling the trigger would be to watch one of these movies. I would watch one then. But that rarely happens). Anyway, on with the list
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As the title says. I would recommend any of these movies to anyone who needs something to do.

First change as of 1/27/11: "Forrest Gump" has been replaced with "Gandhi."
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South Park is one of the greatest shows out there! In just four months, I covered the entire series. Then I decided to look back and pick out my two favorite episodes from each season and my five least favorite ones overall.

Comments are always welcome!
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This list is composed of photos from movies where some of the sexiest actresses alive grace us with their bodies by wearing an equally sexy two-piece bathing suit (Or just two-piece... anything. You know what I mean).
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(Ongoing) This list is composed of the male performers who are the best at convincing us that their characters are real.
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a list of 100 titles
1-10: Animation 11-20: Fantasy 21-30: Gangster 31-40: Science Fiction 41-50: Western 51-60: Sports 61-70: Mystery 71-80: Romantic Comedy 81-90: Courtroom Drama 91-100: Epic
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Note: There's three things you should be aware of: 1. This list does NOT reflect my personal opinions. This list was originally created by the users of Empire Magazine. In fact, I doubt I've even seen half of these movies. And I think that some of the ones I HAVE seen are either placed too high or too low at certain places. 2. The list is in REVERSE ORDER (Ocean's Eleven is 500, Saw is 499, Back to the Future Part II is 498... etc.) 3. This list was made in 2008. That's why nothing made in 2009 and after is here.
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A list of films that a great number of people despise, but I find enjoyable to a certain degree.
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This list is composed of people that need to stop "acting" and start doing something more plausible with their time.