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Have you ever seen a movie that you really hate? A movie that you wish you never started to watch? You feel bad when you think about it afterwards. You advise your friends to never see it. When it is finished you thought, what the hell was that? These movies made ​​me feel so for different reasons.
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It is not easy to compare movies with each other. They create all different emotions. Some will make you laugh, others cry. Some make me really think. Some movies I can not even explain why I love them. What is it that makes Léon the best movie I've ever seen? Is it the chemistry between Mathilda and Léon? Is it Natalie Portman's amazing acting performance? Why does the movie create so many different emotions? I have no idea, but something is there and I love it.

This is my own Top 100 Movies Of All Time. I have not seen enough movies to be able to include 100 films that I really love. I will update the list and in a few years maybe I have a list of movies that are really amazing. Some movies will also grow with time. So maybe some will climb up the list? Most of these movies, I have only seen once. Maybe the movie is better the second time? Perhaps it will be worse? Do I dare take the risk?

I love this world of movies! Enjoy.
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A new year. New opportunities. Will 2012 be as good film year as 2011? Will I find a movie that I love as much as Into the Wild? Maybe more? Let's take a look.
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2011 was my first real movie year. Before this I had not seen a lot of movies, and the ones I had seen was mostly comedies that didn't really spoke to me. It was ChrisVGutschi here on IMDb who introduced me to this amazing world of movies. And for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you.

The year presented a lot of great new movies for me. Movies that might have changed my life in one way or the other. Léon, Good Will Hunting, Black Swan, A Walk to Remember, Vanilla Sky and many more. Although 2011 was a fantastic year, I have high hopes that 2012 will be just as magical, and possibly even greater.