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Visually stunning! Music Amazing!, 26 May 2007

This film much like this comment is for fans of Lisa Gerrard. This DVD is a career spanning retrospective on the woman and her awe-inspiring voice. It touches on current events such as media and their role in the world, war, and of course music. Lisa talks about her life very candidly. From Dead Can Dance, her work in films, the death of her brother, when she was young, etc... As well, there are around a dozen or so interviews with other people who have had the privilege to work with her throughout her career. While it does seem to be a little long winded at times, all the info included is relevant and does have significant meaning in the big picture. Visually, everything is high class. Images seem to leap off the screen. From the main menu, opening credits, even the production company logo is eye candy. The director of this documentary is most definitely a fan of Lisa and has done everything in his power to represent her sound with visual. Job well done. Bonus features include the director talking about the film,photo gallery,a beautiful discography with pictures and track listings, as well as a new music video from Silver Tree. I highly recommend this film for fans of Lisa and her introspective music. Also recommended: Dead Can Dance: Toward the Within DVD performance.

Cromwell Damuuga

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Wasn't that good, but not terrible, 28 February 2005

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I came into this movie with high expectations. I had the choice of either seeing Sideways and this, and I chose this, because I was seeing it with my father, and he preferred to see this. From what I hear of Sideways, this was a bad choice. Million Dollar Baby was one of the greatest letdowns in a movie I have ever seen. I have a couple of beefs with this movie; Firstly, useless scenes that do not advance the characters or the movie, or the movie itself. For instance, the scene in which **SPOILERS** Danger gets beaten up and then Morgan Freeman drops the guy who did it to Danger. It had no point, and served no purpose of any major consequence to the movie. Also, the majority of scenes between Clint Eastwood and the priest. It told us more about the priest's character than Clint's. At this point I just want to say Hilary Swank's acting was great, and in all honesty, she was the highlight of the movie. Clint Eastwood was... Well... Clint Eastwood. He's been playing the same character with different jobs and names for the past 20 or so years, just like Woody Allen. Not saying I don't like Woody, (which I do, big fan), but it's hard to believe he (Clint) was nominated for a best actor award for essentially playing himself. None of the other actors really shone in it, but that was mostly due to a flimsy plot, with holes aplenty. In short, it was overall an enjoyable film, and I was at no point wishing I was somewhere else (besides in a theater playing Sideways), but there were a lot of problems with a movie that in no way deserved a Best Movie Oscar. See it when it comes on TV late night sometime. 6/10