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A Uniquely Tortuous Affair., 13 November 2013

If you accidentally stumble upon this on Hulu then you are both lucky, and caught in a tragic situation. I suppose right-wing comedy could be funny(granted this has some social-libertarian tendencies). This is a film that manages to skewer everyone who doesn't fit into Jackie Mason's worldview. In particular the treatment of Muslims, and weird attempts at populist anti-intellectualism really make this a dire affair. On top of that the acting is tired, and the production values are non-existent. I suppose the best thing I can say is that it isn't homophobic. Still this may be the worst comedy I have ever seen, and I have seen Foodfight! and Which Way to the Front? Its the sad terminal breath of a has-been baby boomer.

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Z Grade Abyss, 18 February 2013

What is there to be said about this disaster? Its Repetitive in the worst possible sense, its production values make Nukie look like The Man Who Fell to Earth, and some of the adult performances are laughably dispassionate. On one hand I recommend this just to see how low an Oscar winning actor can sink. Jon Voigt while giving a shockingly engaged performance is still the stuff of nightmares. Jaime Andrews I doubt you are on here as you don't probably want to remember this part of your career but your performance in this film is truly amazing in terms of the level of contempt your provide for everything happening around you. I don't often give 1s on IMDb but when I do its for things like Baby Geniuses 3. That being said Jaime Andrews and her hatred for the entire world around her gets a 7.