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Another wonderful Indie from Heather Rae, 24 April 2011

Saw this film yesterday at it's TriBeCa premier. Magic Valley is a starkly real look at a day in the life of small town America, but will resonate with all viewers. It is the story of how life can ambush us at any moment, and change us forever. Drawing on experiences from his own life, writer/director Jaffe Zinn fills the film with symbolism that weaves through the lives of the characters, and pulls the plot together perfectly. The large ensemble cast work together very nicely. They translate the sparse script with great skill using emotion as much as words to convey the story line to the audience. Kyle Gallner gives a particularly emotional performance as a troubled teen. Despite the dark overtone, there is some humor. Watch for an engaging performance by Scott Glenn as the quirky sheriff who has his own idea of what's legal in his town. And the two newcomers who play the little boys, dressed up as little boys do, portray the beguilling innocence of the prepubescent with unexpected skill. Enjoy.