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Bachelorette (2012)
Don't trust the reviews this film is amazing.
6 September 2012
I can see why you wouldn't like this film if you expect a new Hangover or Bridesmaids. But i had to watch it because Kirsten Dunst is in it.

The characters are all very individual and have their faults. They are selfish, crazy, loving, hating, jealous, ARSEHOLES and yet they are friends and do everything for each other.

We might not have the feel good film of the year and you won't find a single perfect person in this film. The humor is very subtle and there are far less pooping and vomiting jokes as you might imagine.

But the film makes so many things right. It's gripping, exciting and yes actually very heartwarming. You don't have to be always a nice or gentle person to be loved.

Bachelorette is so unique for a Hollydood film that i might think it will have it hard to find its audience. It's not your next typical wedding comedy.

Watch it if you like intelligent, individual and emotional films.
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You won't see anything new here
28 October 2011
I had kind of high expectations on "Grave Encounters" all the good IMDb reviews promised an entertaining docu-style film. Every time when this found footage stuff becomes popular again a whole flood of uncreative films like this were made to make money out of the hype.

While "Troll Hunter" is doing a great job with his fresh idea "Grave Encounters" is just boring. Around 2000 during the "Blair Witch" hype there was a film called "St. Francisville Experiment" it was basically the same. Same story, a group of people and a scary house. Was not good at all but people who give "Grave Encounters" such an high rating would maybe enjoy this one too.

While the beginning and the creepy house in "Grave encounters" is enjoyable the ghost is not. If you've seen other found footage flicks before, you'll know what happens next before it happens. It makes me a bit angry that because of this found footage hype the film get such good ratings here. Saying it is better than "REC" and the scariest film ever is just wrong.

Found Footage shouldn't be an excuse for stupid acting, bad script and remaking one story again and again. I've seen worse on the technical side but this one makes me angry because of it's uncreativity.

  • minor spoilers now - It's also a bit annoying that the camera-mans language is limited to the word "fuck" and the girl cries all the time. The people were freaking out way too early and acting like teenagers. Well, maybe if you are a teenager you can enjoy this one with your girlfriend.
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