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Everyone has their own opinion but please no cussing/swearing. It's not hurtful to me; it's just unnecessary.

~More to be added~
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More to add. Enjoy(:
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(((((Seems as though IMDB took away commenting privileges.. How sad..
And I am NOT making an Amazon account to have the privileges..)))))

I find it so funny of what I use to think of all these lists being made by people. Thoughts came into my head like 'Do they not have lives?' Looks like I've join the bunch :)

Adding daily. Comment for some ideas on them. Thanks! :)

FINALLY HIT 20,000 VIEWS! *happy dance*

And yes, I put Liana Liberato and Timothy Olyphant twice. They both look like other people. :|

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, you guys are great!

6/20: As an update, I have officially stopped adding. 195 people is good enough, and my life was starting to revolve around this list.
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Main Characters First.
More to be added, but just thought I'd list these.

~Plus I will be adding the older versions of the characters later on. For now, it's the younger characters.

~Also, if you have any ideas on a Kakashi Sensei look-alike, please notify me as I'm having troubles finding one..
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In order based on date.