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One of the better eps of the Season, 8 November 2013

this is one of the funnier eps of an otherwise Dismal season for the gang. Ben the soldier has always been one of my fav reoccurring characters. Piper as the Maniac was true to form. The Chemistry with Mac and Dennis was good. Reminiscent of the old days. its "smarter" eps like this that make me LOVE this show. Rather than go for pure shock value or over the top antics, eps like this are more story driven. its the parody of the situations that has sustained my interest in this show. Seems like its taking another direction lately though. I smells trouble ahead cap'n. Oh well, too late to turn back now. Im hooked so i will watch whatever garbage they spew out.

1 out of 19 people found the following review useful: say this is top 2-3 WORST episodes eveerr, 8 November 2013

Jeez guys..STIFLER? really? c'mon. I kinda understand the irony ( im hoping) of this season. REally going for the chees-mo lowest common "D" blah blah. Wow though. Or are u guys just really losing it? Who are writing these eps? Rob? NOT do season 10..i repeat don't do it. You are ruining what was once the BEST show on TV. I have no idea what you guys are thinking. I guess you are locked into the Fox tit so there is no heart in it anymore? I Actually really liked last season ( P diddy ep aside)You renewed my faith with Tundergun and Rumham. Classics. The reunion eps are LEGEND. who could you fall so far in one season? Please don't make me watch Big Bang Theory. I'll do it! i swear! Get your *&^% together fellas.

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this was one of the highest rated episodes EVER ..?, 8 November 2013
4/10 a long time fan im really disappointed n this one guys..cmon. I had my suspicion the show is declining as all shows do, fine, I really don't see how they can crank out ANOTHER season of this. The irony is it seems that the show is more popular than ever as soon as its on its deathbed. I really cant single this episode out solely because the whole season is awful. This season has basically been recycled gags and themes from past seasons. tsk tsk guys..its been a nice run. People who are just getting into the series, i don't hate you. I don't hold it against you that maybe you are just discovering the antics of Charley and Co. I long for the days of idiots running around singing DAY MAN aaaAAaaaa..

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Murphys' Most Underrated Movie ( next to Distinguished Gentelman), 24 September 2013

So many Bad Reviews for such a Good Movie. Folks are taking this movie waay too serious. Its a Horror COMEDY. I Repeat...COMEDY. Its Classic Eddie Murphy at his best. This movie was ahead of its time in a lot of ways. Think about it. Without me giving away anything.. The whole Ghoul ,Zombie bit in a Comedy had never been done to this point. Ground Breaking if u ask me.. Now its common place. Kadeem Hardison is hilarious in this. The timing with him a Murphy is so good. Murphy is one of the most Versatile actors we have and we don't truly appreciate his genius. Bassett is is Bassett. Always Strong.John Witherspoon is maybe the funniest guy ever. Good Casting overall. Allen Payne ehhhh..take em or leave em..either way. It has a Craven feel to it in a lot of parts..its equal parts Murphy and Craven. Well done. Why this movie gets Butchered so much is beyond me. Im thinking its the Setting and all Black Casting maybe? Its definitely more of an Urban feeling movie. Most people today likely cant relate to this old Black 90's Formula. Soo many good movies came out of that era. This one is right on par with them. a Classic, very original film for the time especially. EVIL is GOOD -Preacher Pauly

Fuckland (2000)
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Awesome.., 4 May 2012

People are too hard on this movie..yes its shot amateurish ,yes its a morally questionable topic..but its original and entertaining. The camera works and documentary kinda style works for this. People are missing the point. Its a Dark Comedy folks. Its only semi serious. Its actually hard to tell, its subtle. The" Argie", as he dubs himself is clever and overall likable. He has a lil woody allenish egoism..( love that) If u are from the faulkland islands, OK, u may not like this movie. Also..on a side note. Very few people know anything aboutnthe faulkland islands and Argentinian history. This gives a lil insight. Yes, its from the Argentine point of view but thats what art is. Its a point of view.

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Carrey at his best, 8 October 2011

I don't know why people don't like's def got darker undertones in the humor but it's not quite a cult dark movie. Carrey is Perfect in this..before he became too..well Carrey lol he's just the right amount of Insane..not too over the top ala Ace Ventura... ( which was still funny, just diff) Well made..Stiller puts his touch on it sure with the Sam Sweet bit lol has so,e Good Cameos..Owen Wilson is really funny in this, i wish he had more parts like this..he plays that role well.As good as Carrey is in this it wouldn't work if Matthew Broadrick was any less than the nice "can't say no guy" it wouldn't be as funny. You can feel his tension in this lol this is actually my fav Carrey movie overall because it's one of those movies u can watch multiple times and it's still funny..I only have one more thing to say..HELLO CLARISSE..SO NICE TO SEE U ;)

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Entertaining..good date flick, 7 October 2011

I liked this was sort of just on in the background and I got drawn into it. It's fun has it's moments Some dark humor too which surprised me and I would have liked to have seen more of. This could have easily been turned into a killer thriller flick lol creepy.. The lengths the crazy couple go to lol Pretty obvious that this guy is in for it lol I thought most of the actors were good. The concept. I wasn't thrilled with the ending but it was entertaining enough. better than I thought it would be. I've seen far worse hipster flicks than this. A few rough spots here and there but overall a better Thames average movie. I'd recommend it for a DVD 3rd date home invite watch. Chicks would like this movie. It's cute..

Best comedy about politics...Murphys most underrated movie, 12 July 2011

This is one of the most accurate movies about how absurd politics really are. Really well made and perfectly casted. It took me a Few times to really appreciate how clever this movie is. Very believable. Wouldn't doubt if it was loosely based on a true story. U get a lil bit of everything in this movie. Not funny so much Eddie being Eddie,but the situations and satire. It's not the typical set up Eddie jokes " movie. Way more sophisticated than other stuff he's done. It's more Subtle. Perfect satire. I would hope this movie is referenced when thinking about our political system and how it really runs on a day to day basis behind the scenes

Holy Man (1998)
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Ladies and Gentlemen..I give u THEE worst Eddie Murphy film ( so far), 12 July 2011

Woow...really? ...really? Why? ..I'm not that hard of a critic. Honestly I'd rather watch Ernest goes to jail than this turkey. ( sorry Ernest) I just didn't get this movie at all. That's fine. I don't have to " get" a movie to find it entertaining at the very least. I don't expect life altering religious-like enlightenment from every movie I watch. Holy man should be called Holy %#&@, Man! it just wasn't funny or amusing or even worth sitting through. I just wanted to see HOW bad it really was. That's the only reason i sat through this. You know how bad this is? I think if u took Metro, Showtime, AND Pluto Nash , and just made it into one " cop" movie. The story would be a cop from space who diffuses bombs but really wants to be an actor. Makes zero sense right? That made up movie would STILL be better than this mess ;)

Norbit (2007)
Actually very funny.., 12 July 2011

For what it's's a cute movie. Most people who rated this low just missed the point and took it too serious. It supposed to be over the top slapstick. Pound for pound :) ( sorry lol) I think this is one of Murphys best Movies in the last Decade ( not including Bowfinger , and Life). I thought it was better than All of the Nutty Professor movies,Dr Doolittle ( which did Little for me ;) or any of the lot from 1999-present- I think people don't understand the cultural dialogue of black folks. The language was very "Black" That's why it got rated so low. That, and I think the fat suits at this point were a bit played out. Still a good flick tho. Funny. I didn't think I'd like it at ALL. Charlie Murphy actually wrote this..or co wrote it.

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