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One of the greatest Modern Epics of our time., 4 January 2004

The Return of the King is the third and last chapter in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a landmark in epic movie-making for the 21st century. Director/Producer Peter Jackson has, without a doubt, compiled a vast story into a masterful film with great story telling, great action sequences, and astounding special effects. The Return of the King offers a greater appreciation of all three films as a whole, and it is truly a masterpiece. Peter Jackson deserves an Oscar for his remarkable achievements.

What sets The Return of the King apart from its predecessors is its attention to battles of great spectacle while emphasizing on character development and finally concentrating more on the hobbits, contrary to the second film which strayed from that story line. While there exists this epic struggle between the forces of good and evil, The Return of the King doesn't stray from friendship, hope, betrayal, union, and other major themes evident in the first film.

The special effects are truly amazing in The Return of the King, not only in fabricating huge battle sequences, and beautiful environments, which draw in the viewer, almost making it seem that you are in the depth of the action, but also in creating Shelob, and immense spider and of course, the remarkable cgi animation used to create Gollum, seeming almost indifferent from any other `real' character.

My only complaint about this movie was the multiple fake endings, and the dragged closure of the film. But, none the less, what an incredible closure it was! The Return of the King preserves the original captivating experience of the first film with style, imagination, and storytelling while surpassing the epic proportions of the second film, making it definitely the best film of the three. Writing the script and directing the movie as a whole, instead of in parts with such stroke of genius has made the Lord of the Rings one of the greatest epic masterpieces of our time.

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Definitely one of the best., 28 July 2003

I've heard many people comment about this movie saying: "Oh, its awful, he's in the booth the whole time!" Well, if you think like that, then you missed the entire point of the movie. Phone Booth is an internal conflict between Stu and hsi own sef-image. Stu is both the antagonist and the protagonist. While, the sniper being confounded with the "bad guy" is really the catalyst trying to help the main character "change". This movie is incredibly well done and is a true insight on the modern persona and corruptive personalities. It is truly an insightful and captivating experience. A definite 10/10!!!

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The most gruesome specticle ever created., 28 July 2003

This is definitely one of the worst movies to ever have been filmed. It makes you wonder as to why Tom Greem isn't somewhere waiting tables. While he is sometimes funny on his own show, this movie offers nothing more than a disturbing spectacle of horror. There is no story, no plot, no intellectual signs of any kind, and surely there is no comedy, unless of course you find playing with a horse's privates is funny or skinning a deer and wearing its carcass is hilarious. The jokes are cruel, gruesom, and very sad. (1/10)

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Definitely NOT the sweetest thing., 28 July 2003

While offering a few laughs and entertainment, this movie falls short of anything worth mentioning as an actual movie. Talking about how big someone's penis is, is certainly not my kind of comedy and definitely not when they're singing it while some old lady does cartwheels. This movie is lifeless and pointless. The romantic edge is so boring that at the end you would just wish they both got run over by a car. Definitely, this is a movie to stay away from. (3/10)

Crossroads (2002/I)
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Simply Bad., 28 July 2003

This story lacks any meaning or logic. They probably though that Britany spears jumping around in her underwear was enough to grab everyone's attention. Well, for some it did, and it turned out to be a complete dissapointment. Britany's acting, while not terrible, is just annoying to see. She looks more fake then her breasts. Other than that, this movie lacked a good script or any actual plot. It was just a cheap chick flick which simply did not deliver. (4/10)

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Captivating! One little mistake missed the hot spot!, 28 July 2003

The Life of David Gale is a good and unique story. It is not plotless and does not fall short of any expectation, except for its mind biggling ending. If David Gale was truly innnocent, the ending would have been much more powerful, ending with the note as the reporter said "David Gale achieved through death what he could fo not achieved in life". This ending would have brought this movie to a spot light. But, since the decided to go with audience appeal, they chose that horrifying ending just to make sure we dont feel bad towards the main character and her guilty conscience. All this aside, this movie was profoundly captivationa and very well done. 9/10

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One of the best., 28 July 2003

Bowling for Columbine is definitely one of the most moving and captivating documentries I have ever seen. Not only does it take a deep look at United State's corrupt policies, but also at the lives affected by such turmoils. It is an ingenious product of a great intellectual (Moore), further more, this movie is one of my definite favourites.

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Entertaining, yet lacking., 27 July 2003

Bad Boys II is undoubtebly an anticipated sequel, and as most sequels the previews try to grasp your attention and the movie is contraversially hyped up. Walking into the theatre for this movie, my expectation were extremely low, and to those this movie delivers. While it is entertaining and funny at certain times, this movie is filled with action sequence clichés which could be viewed in movies such as Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop etc. These movies, being relatively old, offered some originality on their release, Bad Boys II, however, is a complete remake of the oldest action sequences we have seen hundreds of times over. While the plot, being fuzzy, unsynchronized but decent, is astonishingly way too long. two and a half hours is enough to make people cry at the thought they have to sit through this entire movie and not being fully gratified by viewing it. Mrtin Lawrence and Will Smith do make a good team, but this movie was just not good enough to merit any good reviews or positive-criticism. (5/10)

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Brilliant and Captivating, 27 July 2003

This is a brilliant story of internal conflict at it's best! Not only did Nicholas Cage give a brilliant performance, but he truly brought out the qualities of a self-paranoid "loser" who is fighting an internal struggle against his own self-image. This movie is greatly cast, filmed, and presented. It is a must see in my opinion, a definite 10/10!