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These are the shows that I watch on a weekly basis; they are all currently airing.
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Male actors/celebrities I find attractive. These are my personal tastes and I'm sure some may disagree with a few. To each their own I say. The list is no particular order, number 1 may not be my "most attractive".
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My Spring and Summer TV watch list. A lot of people complain there's nothing on during the Summer, but I disagree.
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These are the shows I have been or are obsessed with. It's a work in progress since I may become obsessed with another show or shows in the future. They're not in any particular order.
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Female actors/celebs that I find attractive. If I were a man, they would make me go Schwing!
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Idea stolen from a friend. If I were attending a mega TV show convention and had to limit myself to 10 booths, these would be the shows.
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Whether or not they're on the "right" side, I have a soft spot for bad boys.
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MY favorite Science Fictions shows, past and present, in order of MY preference. This does not include Fantasy/Horror. I'm also not claiming that any of these are "The Best" anything.
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My favorite TV show characters. In no particular order. There is no character page for Bobby Singer from Supernatural.
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A list of my favorite cartoons. I still watch them sometimes.
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In addition to food, water and toilet paper, these are the shows I wouldn't be able to survive on a desert island without.
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I've seen every James Bond film ever made. My list from favorite to least favorite.
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I used to love comedies. In the 70's, 80's and 90's. These days comedies are either just a bunch of filth or straight out not funny. I can't even watch The Office anymore, it's not funny. This is a list of comedies I actually enjoy.
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My favorite Fantasy/Horror shows, past and present. I'm most passionate about this genre.
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A list of my favorite vampires. (In case the title wasn't a big enough clue. IMDB RECOMMENDS a decription)