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Best Dr. Seuss and a perfect adaptation!, 10 November 2013

Many people say both the book and this short is to heavy for the kids but I think it's the best way to teach them about the evils of war. It doesn't give them any answers but instead ask question and make them think!

What great about this short is that not only it's a perfect adaptation of Seuss work but add's another learn by adding a musical number which show just how horrifying the concept of something like the Atom Boomb is.

Overall one of the best Seuss book and a fantastic animated short! It's very sad it's so undertated...

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Best thing they did with Smurfs in a long, long time, 20 October 2013

Im a fan of the original Smurf comics and I did enjoy Hanna-Barbera show growing up. This being said... I didn't care much for the new CGI/live action movies. They failed to capture the spirit of the comic books and the idea to sent Smurfs to the modern times simply felt like a cheap excuse for product placement and toilet humor. It's just another example of cashing on nostalgia...

This animated short however was a pleasant surprise!

The story was cute and did a good job capturing the spirit of the old cartoons. There was no force pop-cultural humor, it was just Smurf doing what Smurfs do best.

The traditional animation was done very well(I especially liked the way they animated Gargamel) The backgrounds made whole thing very enjoyable to watch thanks to the colors of the autumn setting.

Overall it was a cute Halloween special and more hearth went into it then both CGI movies combine... I honestly would love if they made entire animated series if it was this good.

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Would work better as a comedy, 12 October 2013

With all respect to Walensa - I honestly think this movie would work better as a comedy. The subplot with Walesna wife as well some comedic one-liners are the most enjoyable things about this movie.

There's just isn't much to it. The movie spent more time "talking" about what great man Walensa is rather then "SHOWING" it. I think they did an excellent job of showing what colorful character he is but at the same times movie doesn't spent much time to have you feel what struggles hes going trough. His just "There". It simply lack emotions and there is something anti-climatic about the way it ends.

When the movie ended I truly felt I've only seen 1/3 of a movie. Some good moments and an excellent cast but as a whole nothing special...

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GREAT with some serious problems, 5 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this in Polish cinema the other day. In many ways "Después de Lucia" is the ultimate movie about school bullying.

The parts that focus around the student Alejadra being tormented by her classmates are incredibly cruel and get more and more hard and to watch. It's just depressing how a bunch of children can destroy another person life just for "fun" but at the same time it's so realistic it's almost scary. Very powerful and moving. Then when the movie turns into a dark revenge fantasy at the end it's very satisfying to watch.

I won't spoil it but something horrible happens to one of the bullies and some people where almost clapping in the cinema happy that he got what he deserve but at the same time it was very disturbing moment...

However while the 2/3 of the movie is just great the fist 1/3 is one of the most boring movie experience I ever had. The dialog is bad, characters warent all that interesting and the way the action moves was slow as a snail... I wish somebody would edit-out about 20 minutes of 1st act and get to the good stuff.

I'm happy I saw it but I'm sad to say that the 1st act truly hurt the movie... Still a solid recommendation on my part!

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I was surprise how much I enjoy it, 3 February 2013

Now this is the only documentary by JR (acording to Imdbs any way) and I must admit I was pleasantly surprise and I wish there where more. The strongest part is the cinematography - I'm not a big fan of fast forward techniques but here it used to a great effect and made the whole experience much more enjoyable. All shots are amazing, spectacular and very original! One problem is the story... which to be honest could very well be told in 20 minutes. It's just series of interviews stretch together... Which could are all interesting on their own and the images that are shown on the way are great however it never felt like it building up to some big revile or conclusion. Still the who thing is inspiring enough to give this movie a very positive grade - it's inspired me as a filmmaker and as a human being...

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Just sad... in a bad way..., 7 December 2012

I've seen this movie about three-four times over the years on different occasion and I find it just more and more unpleasant. The movie tries to be a commentary about Poland but sadly when all of you're commentary focuses only on negatives it come out more as a propaganda then a satire. It's just feels way to manipulative for me. Yes Polish society have problems but the way movie hammers in the messages is just painful to watch. To make it worse - it's just not that funny. Most observations are pretty obvious so there is nothing really new.

Another problem is the main hero which I had hard time to relate to. Much like the movie he only focuses on negative things in his life which once again makes him not very sympathetic character. Both the hero and the script writer comes out as whinny and people who just can't enjoy life for a single moment and if your message is that all people in Poland are this way I can't agree or give the movie any respect. It lost me early on and 2-3 funny moments aren't enough to win me back especially is most of so called is just vulgar...

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So... Asteirx is gay now? Seriously?, 9 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I will be honest - as a Asterix fan I have very mix fillings about this one.

For most part it's fun. There are some very clever jokes, I like all the stuff with stereotypical stiff Brtitish people which is incredibly funny...

Sadly there where some parts which just felt forced and felt out-off place for Asterix series. There is entire subplot about Asterix being upset about the fact people consider him an Obelix gay since they are two man living together (which wasn't the case in the comic book btw) In result Asterix starts hitting on every girl he meets which is so out-off character for him and is more confusing then funny.

There are some changes that where just distracting for Asterix fans(Asterix and Anticlimax aren't related anymore, the Look-out pirate is now white not Afro-American like in the books, Anticlimax is turn into a real jerk an Getafix the druid doesn't' appear which is supper odd) and some scenes taken from the book felt glance over so director could play with his own ideas which are sadly hit or miss.

The plot gets all-over the place in the second act. It's just loses any sense of urgency and concentrated more on subplots, many of which are sadly underdeveloped.

Over all the movie has a big share of moments and I consider it the second best of Asterix live action films right after "Asterix and Obelix meets Cleopatra" but I admit some parts are forced and that weird "Asterix is self-hating gay" part almost ruined the movie for me...

Mulan II (2004) (V)
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This would be a good TV pilot but it makes a bland sequel, 8 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie dosen't work much a sequel to "Mulan" (which is one my favorite Disney movies).

While the first had an epic plot, this one is very simple - in fact it's almost a sitcom setup. We only get one bigger action scene in the third act and the rest of the movie is character developing their relations as they travel from point "A" to point "B". We get more Mulan/Shang relation, we get romance between three warriors and Emperors daughters (new character) and more Mushu/Mulan relations... In fact it's almost like a romantic comedy set in ancient China.

And I will be honest - if this was the pilot for "MULAN THE ANIMATION SERIES" (or "MULAN'S VALENTINE DAY SPECIAL") I would enjoy it.

True the animation is far from movie standards but it's still pretty darn good. All the characters relation stuff are sweet (especialy all the stuff between the warriors and the princesses) and interesting, few scenes made me laugh and I actually like the songs.

So yhe, this movie isn't how a sequel should be made but if you love those characters you may actually find this interesting and enjoyable.

The only thing I didn't like is the fact that they made the ancestor ghosts characters less sympathetic and Mulan doesn't get to shine like she did in the fist movie (the lack of the whole "pretend to be a boy" aspect was what made here fun was the best thing about her in the first movie and we don't get this at all in this one... they just talk abut it)

Viridiana (1961)
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If yore Christian this movie is our version of "Birth of the nation", 5 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love Buñuel. In fact I consider his other two movies of his "Silvia Pinal" trilogy masterpieces ("The Exterminating Angel" is among my favorite movies of all times) not to mention the fantastic "Un Chien Andalou". Now I don't mind a movie with a anti-religious message despite of being a very religious person myself (heck, I enjoy things like "South Park", "Life of Brian" or as mentioned other of Buñuel movies), however I find some points Buñuel tries to make to shown how flaw Christianity in "Viridiana" delivered in a pretty poor manner.

"Ow, look she tries to help out some people because the bible tell her to do so but they get drunk and try to rape here so this must mean's Christianity is wrong" Seriously, what kind of argument is this? It has a much sense as making a movie about an atheist who at the end gets hit by a truck and having creator at the end jump out and yell "See? See? This is why atheism is wrong" Im sorry Mr. Buñuel, I love you but that's barley a reasonable argument (if not childish) and I find the scene of burning Jesus crown (depsite of very strong symbolism) in a pretty poor taste.

It's still a very interesting and well put together movie to watch, even if not good as some other of Buñuel's work. In fact I think Christians need movies like that since thy argue for Satan but overall I just don't find it among Buñuel's best!

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A perfect movie for children!, 31 August 2012

I've seen the previews two Tinker Bell movies and by far this one is the best.

This is how movies for young children should be made - yes it has adventures, fantasy creatures and magic, but at the same time the focuse is about the relation between a little girl and her father who dosen't aprove her to believe in faeries and magic. It's very ratable, sweet and charming, as well the bond between Tinker Bell and little girl.

There are actually some funny jokes when it comes down to humor which is 100% safe for kids (no shock value) and it's great to see a film that dosen't really on pop-culture reference which is rare this day.

Animation is good, characters are sympathetic, it's charming and has more then one good message for the kids.

If you have kid between 4 and 7 they will love it! P.S. It's good to see Vidia becoming a good character :) In first movie she was almost a villain so the fact she evolves into much more positive character not only makes her more 3-dimentional but I think it's good for kids when you can have a very nasty character turn for better :)

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