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I remember., 29 February 2004

Remember when they had such wrestlers as Tom "Rocky" Stone, Jake "The Milkman" Milliman, Rooster Griffin, Sammy Darrell, that pear shaped wrestler Herman Schafer, Nacho Barrara, The Black Panther, Coco Lewis, Angel Rivera, John Hill and his war dance, Chris Curtis, Paul Gardner, Rocky King, The Beast from Argentina, Hollywood Nelson, Spike Huber "who should of been better than a preliminary wrestler" Brian Knobs, Jerry Sags, Rick Hunter, Kenny "KO" Kaos, Ron Ritchie, Freddy "Puppy Dog" Pelequin, Craig Carson, The Zulu, "Torpedo" Guzman, Tom Zenk,and Sonny Rogers. And they described Col DeBeers as "The mercenary from South Africa, champion of apartheid!