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Put the list in order (imdb rating) and you should have every film on imdb with an 8 or above. The films with 7.9 previously had 8 but have dropped 0.1. This is a great way to see unknown films, previously unheard of. My favorites I have found due to the list are : the human condition, woman under the influence, whisper of the heart, Sansho, The Ascent, Exit Through The Gift Shop, 3-iron and Klass. Good luck trying to watch all of them.

4 Years on Edit: Just been reading the descriptions for the films and how awful and cringe-inducing the comments I made were. Some really bad jokes as well. So I apologise for this and have deleted the worst of them. I will still continue to edit the list.
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The World Cinema Project (WCP) is dedicated to preserving and restoring neglected films from around the world. To date, 25 films from Mexico, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central and Southeast Asia, have been restored, preserved and exhibited for a global audience.

Please note Raid into Tibet (1966, Adriann Cowell) is not on IMDB.
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A guide through what really makes cinema, the best art form. Watch in order :)
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Every film/documentary Empire has given five stars to. The films are listed on the website and the "Empire 500 five star reviews" issue. Some films are listed in the magazine and not on the website, while others are listed on the website but not in the magazine, so I created this list morphing the two. I started watching these three years ago and I have currently seen 505 out of 650 (approx, the number goes up all the time, and the films will be added when they do). There are a few hidden gems (I Served the King of England, Das Experiment, Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors, Zu, Waltz with Bazhir etc), Critically acclaimed crap (Xala, Tales of Hoffman) and some films you would have never known existed (Yaaba, c'est la vie). I will give reviews for a few of these titles, mainly the films with a below 8.0 rating (to see mini reviews of those films check out my other list "every film with a 8.0 or higher").
I should mention that all the films are definitely the correct version (so Crash is the 1996 version, and The Fly is the 1986 version)
Please comment if there is anything incorrect
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really good films I have seen, from the perspective of a child.
As you go down the list, the children get older
Feel free to suggest more in the comments