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Not bad, 19 April 2011

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I did not think that this was a particularly bad movie because it was able to capture some scenes that i thought would be difficult to do in a movie. The acting in this movie was not great, I found John's character to be creepy and depressing instead of the loving upbeat character I read about. I also thought that the film work was below par and if this movie were in English and released in American movie theaters it would have much more negative criticism. This movie also rushes through many important scenes and does not allow the plot to develop. If someone were to watch this movie without reading the book they would leave the movie extremely confused. Some of the positives in this movie are how they display magical realism in very interesting ways. For example in the beginning of the movie when there is rushing water to represent tears and then they harvest the salt from the tears seemed like it was represented the magical realism very well. Also the actresses who played the sisters did a good job of creating interesting sister- sister relationships. For example how Gertrudis and Tita had a very caring relationship where as the relationship between Rosura and Tita always seemed to be very competitive.