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I did not really like this movie, but it wasn't horrible, 20 April 2011

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I did not really enjoy the movie, since I really like the ways they connected Tita and her food and made it so magical in the book. It was a disappointment in the movie when the kitchen scenes were so much less magical. The food did not come to life on the screen and it felt so much less important in the movie.I thought that the music choice made it a little corny but that part did not affect the actual movie much.I did not like the way the magical realism was portrayed with the sparks when they were making love. It seemed to impersonal I would have liked it to be portrayed in a way that better reflected the romance between Tita and Pedro.But I did think they did a good job when they had Mama Elena come back as a ghost.They used the actress and did not overdue the fact that she was a ghost, by using the typical white sheet ghost stereotype.I think they did a good job casting the three sisters making Tita very pretty and giving Gertrudis a somewhat manly look. Her man like physic lead well into the fact that she became a revolutionary. I think that making Rosaura look ugly in each scene made me sympathize with her instead of feeling guilty for Tita and her lost love. They did not emphasize Nachas role enough in the movie and her death was a lot less sad in the movie then in the book. I think that her motherly figure was an important part of the storyline and showed how Tita became who she is. The same way that they did not stress Titas role as a mother for the first baby of Rosaura and Pedro. I wish they had shown the relationships more thoroughly. The movie was entertaining but not my top choice and I think the parts of it they decided to stress were not what I would have chosen from the book.