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Yes I had made a 2011 & 2012 list, now I made a list of movies I was most impressed with in 2013 in my full opinion. Hope you enjoy, please comment and share!
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These are my 50 films that have been unfairly criticized, had a bad box office gross or are widely overlooked. But were very enjoyable and decent to watch!
(in my opinion)

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Check out my most popular list that hit over 100k "The 50 Most Underrated Actors."
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This list is the most underrated actors, who are normally over shadowed and don't get the appreciation they deserve. This list is in no order Please Comment and hit the LIKE button.

Oh and please check this voting list I made (it took me a long time to create it, so I would appreciate it)

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Here is a top 50 list of Cinemas greatest HUMAN villains. You will be viewing the human condition at its worst. No Darth Vader, T2000, Predator or Freddy Kruger to be found here, just 50 of the most badass and insane human villains in film history! Please enjoy and I this list is inspired by Youtuber "hh1edits" check him out! Thank and Comment! :)
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Yes, a list of Horror remakes that don't actually suck, I enjoyed all these Please comment if you Agree or disagree!

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This is a list of actors and actresses I would cast if I was a casting Director for the Gears Of War trilogy, not that it would happen. Please comment on what you think if you agree or a disagree. Also share this if you like. Thank You