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Not necessarily plot twists . A great movie ending is the one that's right to the tone, that elevates the movie to different level making it transcendent experience rather than just a movie.
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+ The Walking Dead (S05 ''9-16")
+ Game of Thrones (S05)
+ بعد البداية
+ Hannibal (S03)
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What is a spiritually inspiring movie? In my opinion, it is the movie that affect and inspire your spirit and touch your humanity . It also remains with you forever. It's when a movie become more an experience than just a movie. If you are a fan of art of cinema , watch these movies and your attitude about films will never be the same. I hope the list is satisfying enough . Anyone has recommendations of the same kind of the movies in the list , please tell me.
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Some movies deserve a second look or at least thought.We love some movies instantly as we watch them, then when we think about them later we realize they probably don't deserve that much love.The contrary as well does happen.Because maybe we weren't in the mood for its pace or because of high expectations or because the movie itself is too unique or genius to gesture all of its details in only one viewing (2001 : a space odyssey is classic example). That's very interesting and kinetic that movies are not abstract but we can explore them over and over again as time goes by to dig for new meanings and emotions and reflect upon ourselves as we change too.
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I love movies that explore and question the very nature of love rather than being empty and foolish teenage romance.
you won't find Twilight in this list.
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I usually don't cry easily , but I couldn't resist these sad movies . they had me under their spell.
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The criteria for which I choose them are very personal of course . Physical beauty is not my first (or second ) priority at all.
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Breaking Bad (S 02-05)
+ Game of Thrones (S 01-03)
+ Dexter ( S 01-04)
+ The Walking Dead ( S 02 - S04 '' 1-8'')
+ الخواجة عبد القادر - اسم مؤقت - الرجل العناب - ذات - العراف - رقم مجهول
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+ Hannibal (S 1 -2)
+ Fargo
+ True Detective (S 01)
+ Dexter (S 05)
+ Game of Thrones (S04)
+ The Walking Dead ( S04 '' 9-16'' )(S05 ''1-8'')
+ How I Met Your Mother ( (S 1 -4 )
+ موجة حارة - نيران صديقة - الصياد - سجن النسا - السبع وصايا
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+ Lost ( S 1-6 )
+ Breaking Bad (S 01)
+ The Walking Dead (S 01)
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+ Prison break s 1 - 4
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Honorable mentions : Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011) Moneyball (2011) Midnight in Paris (2011)
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