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The Green Zone, Fair Game and now, The Tillman Story
14 June 2011
"If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way." - Émile Zola, French writer.

Pat Tillman left a multimillion-dollar football contract after he felt something about 9/11. he joins the military. when he was on the field he found facts about war which he didn't like it. yes, he accepted operations and ran it but in this documentary film, we can see and knowing, the operations that he fought for it, was bullshit. nonsense. he knew it.

The stupid incident killed Pat Tillman and hey, he was famous guy so why we don't put his death on stage and set as the real hero and here we go the military manipulated his death, they tell lies to his family, his fans, his country. they made him a poster boy.

when Amir Bar-Lev explored this case and all Pat's family talk, we know how great his mother, father and brother. they want the truth, they know that hero always comes to truth, not fake. this movie makes me think that everybody in this world deserve the fact about the truth. they don't deserve lies. I think people can learn so much think from this movie
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completely heartbroken!
13 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Mew had history with Tong, and today, they meet. Mew doesn't really know that he has crushed with his friend, Tong. He doesn't feel any guilty. He knows nothing about his feeling and his term until Sunee, Tong's mother comes to tell him about their relationship. Mew Said "We're just friend.. We're just friend" In the other side, With Mew's life, there's Ying, the girl who's falling in love with Mew and with Tong's life, there's tough mother, alcoholic depression father and June, the stranger who acts like Tong's sister.

Maybe if this story from West's culture, it wont really interesting for me but It's from Asia, from Thai. In Asia's culture everything will be hard when it comes to gay things. and as I see, the director of this movies was very smart, Chookiat Sakveerakul made this gay theme movie very cool and worth to watch whatever you're gay or straight.

This movie's just like reality. I can take the drama and I enjoy it. I like when Mew's in love with Tong and Tong buys it. When Mew's broken and keeps distance from Tong, I see how hurt theirs and Mew who feel it the most, he finally find love but then his love's not able to complete. "I cant be your boyfriend but it doesn't mean I don't love you" Tong said that. this title's closed with portrait how deep Mew's feel about Tong and how hurt he is.

Great soundtrack and original score, powerful casts. I wanna give 9 stars but 150 minutes, it's too long for me. 8 then
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I was excited for 60 minutes then they made me bored with beautiful Nam
11 June 2011
Her name is Nam, she is ugly and she's in love with the very good looking boy, Shone.as a good looking person, Shone's also nice to every girl in his school. Shone has everything: good in sport & arts, great face, and wonderful personality and Name has ugly face, bad fashion, and she wasn't smart after all but hey, She's good in English. this movie begins with that terms.

The way's Nam fight for her feeling with comical face, with her small funny group who had been with her since grade 1, is the best part in this movie which can make you laugh so badly and yes, also can make you wanna be back in 17s again (I'm sure of it if you're over 20s like me) After Nam played as a snow white then BAMMMMMM She's beautiful, sexy, hot and also smart. what is it? her first love changes her so much and I don't like it, I feel like the funny Nam's gone ans she looks like so lame, not strong as the Ugly Nam. The story lines's trying to tell that Love can change someone to be the great person if they're able to handle with the right attitude but what happens with Nam? I think that's too much. and YES, I laugh hardly when Nam was beautiful because hey girls, you don't have to be beautiful to get your love and happiness, all you need just like the ugly Nam, She's natural and acts like her self.

I wanna give this title 4 stars but saw how's funny Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul in this movie, I give 2 stars extra. 6 stars out of 10.
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The Good Wife: In Sickness (2011)
Season 2, Episode 21
"say something to make me falling in love with you again"
7 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I think Cary's doing great. He broke when L/G took Alicia, just because Alicia had great connections with big peoples. I'm man, so I think I need something more to deal with that fact. so, I like Cary, He's really exist in this world, in reality. Maybe Alica's smarter than him but He knows how to play.

I love Alicia, I like the way she confronts peter about his affair with Kalinda that We knew, Kalinda's her bestfriend. Peter shows his true face finally with say something bad about Alicia and Will, trying to make her as bad as him. I like this show. The writer's great, they're smart. they don't put so much drama in this show because of that, I'm really enjoying to watch what Alicia's doing in her life. I know peter, he will bring alicia back to him with using her feeling about kids and family. Peter wont ever have Alicia's heart again but They will never divorced, if that happens, Good Wife's ended.

Alicia's smart, sometimes, we don't like what she does in her romances but in the end, we will understand and adore her more than before.
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The Romantics (2010)
The Roman-Sticks
21 April 2011
Seven college friends reunite six years later for the wedding of Lila (Anna Paquin) and Tom (Josh Duhamel). Things go awry when the maid of honor and the bride clash over the groom, with whom the maid of honor was once romantically involved. The story moves slowly trying to explore all the relationships of people in and around the circle of friends. The movie ends with the wedding getting ruined by rain, just before the marriage can be concluded. It is implied that in the end the controlling nature of the bride is too much for the groom and he still loves the bridesmaid.

What's going on with this movie? What happen with the casts? Did Holmes Know how to act? I would be very happy to give this movie 0 out of 10 if They hadn't Anna Paquin but yeah, Anna isn't enough. and with the story, suck and lost direction. the script tell us nothing but bla bla bla and bla bla bla.
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