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Elysium (2013/I)
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Elysium is smart, creative, and pays very close attention to the details of the reality it has crafted., 9 August 2013

Neill Blomkamp is still a bit of a rookie in the film industry despite delivering 2009's smash hit "District 9". Now that it has been a few years and he's parted ways with his big time collaborator Peter Jackson, Blomkamp is carving out his own path in Hollywood by making another piece of original sci-fi in the form of this summer's bookend blockbuster, "Elysium". Can "Elysium" deliver a compelling piece of summer science fiction or does Blomkamp get caught in the infamous sophomore slump?

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RED 2 (2013)
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RED 2 fails to deliver anything compelling enough for to draw in even the most loyal fans of the first film, 21 July 2013

In 2010 RED was a nice little surprise that seemingly came out of nowhere. The movie had an exciting cast, some really innovative bits of fun action, and a some really enjoyable writing. The movie was so successful that despite there not being additional source material to adapt, Summit and DC entertainment decided to pursue a sequel that brings nearly everyone back into the fold. Can RED 2 deliver on the fun and promise of the first film, or is this franchise better as a one and done?

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e. There's little substance underneath the generic plot and minion skits, but that doesn't keep it from being a fun and enjoyable family outing to the movies, 3 July 2013

Despicable Me was one of the biggest surprises out of Universal in 2010 with its heartfelt story,clever twist on portraying an anti-hero, and army of unpredictably amusing minions. The first film may have lacked depth, but it certainly didn't miss a beat when it came to tugging on the heartstrings. Not only did it bring in over half a billion dollars, but it also managed to be something special enough to audiences to really develop a fan base. Despicable Me 2 is looking to create the same fresh and heartfelt story as the original, but is this really the type of movie that warrants a sequel?

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Man of Steel delivers an origin story that feels both new and old with it's fresh take on the aging premise., 15 June 2013

Superman has always been evolving decade to decade as he has adapted to whatever society has most needed him to become. Despite the fact that he is easily the most iconic superhero in history, it seems he has fallen out of the public eye in the last decade because he simply hasn't had a movie that nails exactly why we should care about him. By this point the most famous superheroes have made their big screen ventures and sadly 2005′s "Superman Returns" failed to capture the imagination or leave much of an impact on audiences. Just when things began looking bleak for the boy scout, "The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan was brought on as producer to reinvent the character in ways we've never seen before. Does Man of Steel bring Superman to a new generation with brilliance, or is this just the latest outing in a string of lukewarm attempts to bring back the last son of Krypton?

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If you're looking for a nice Sunday afternoon Matinée to relax the mind, you can't go wrong with the fun yet cheap trick of "Now You See Me", 2 June 2013

It's a rare treat these days that we get a new property to release a movie right in the heat of summer blockbuster season which is usually limited to huge comic book movies, comedies, and other franchise driven films. "Now You See Me" is making up for its lack of entitlement with an exciting cast made up of some of the best young actors in the business who are thrown into the mix as street magicians with hearts of gold. It's a rich concept of magic meets "Ocean's Eleven" that certainly raises a brow or two, but does this movie bring the real magic or is it just made up of mirrors and cheap parlor tricks?

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Iron Man 3 (2013)
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Iron Man 3 will deliver in every way you would expect it to, but do not hope for any surprises or new ideas that will push the genre forward, 16 May 2013

Tony Stark has come a long way since his early days as a B-lister superhero. Ten years ago any comic book fan or film producer would have laughed at the notion of such a lesser known hero developing not one, not two, but three box office hits. That said, and here we are in 2013 with Iron Man's fourth outing and third solo picture where his popularity has never been higher. While Iron Man 2 was no doubt a stumble, the character still bounced back stronger than ever in The Avengers. We all know Robert Downey Jr. still knows how to deliver a crowd pleasing performance, but is there enough momentum left in the character to give us an exceptional third outing or does Iron Man 3 leave us with the same taste of disappointment that is found in most films ending in 3?

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Visually energetic sets and an incredible soundtrack bring this rendition of The Great Gatsby and the roaring twenties to life in a whole new way, 12 May 2013

F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby has seen many attempts at the big screen throughout the decades including an ambitious attempt in 1974 that was penned by Francis Ford Coppola and starred Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. Sadly no cast, writers, or even most talented of directors have quite been able to crack THE "American Novel". Hollywood's latest attempt has brought the reputable Baz Luhrmann onto the scene with his signature visuals and always innovative use of pop music and musical score. Do we have a movie that finally captures Fitzgerald's brilliance and sophistication or is this another movie to chuck into the "thanks for trying" bin?

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Oblivion (2013/I)
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Oblivion is a visual feast for the eyes with a great lead and some truly admirable ambition, but at the end of the day is left feeling hollow and characterless., 19 April 2013

Joseph Kosinski hit it big with Oblivion. Having only directed Tron Legacy(which was only a moderate success) ,he was able to get $120 million to write/direct/produce his pet project. This is a huge privilege that some directors spend decades trying to obtain, but Kosinksi did it in his second outing. And not only that, but he also got some heavy hitting actors like Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman on board to further convince us that this should be a one of a kind movie from the mind of a single person(a rarity in Hollywood). Based on everything we've seen, the movie looks beautiful, but has also played things pretty close to the chest in terms of story. Does Kosinski produce an incredible story that lives up to his creative ambition, or does this sci-fi miss the creativity and land in the realm of obscurity?

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Oz the Great and Powerful easily beats its competition for the year's best fantasy so far and even sets a fairly high bar for others to aim for, 8 March 2013

1939′s The Wizard of Oz is an absolute classic that has captivated generations of audiences by taking all of us to a world filled with magic, excitement, and self discovery. Oz the Great and Powerful seeks to recapture the magic that has enchanted movie goers for decades by re- introducing us to a younger, egotistical, and more ambitious man that would eventually go on to become the wonderful Wizard of Oz. Director Sam Raimi (Spiderman Trilogy, Evil Dead) must face the daunting challenge of writing a prequel to a beloved classic while also creating something inspired enough to work on its own right. Can Oz the Great and Powerful be nostalgic and innovative at the same time or is this a rehash that is doomed to live in the shadow of original?

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Identity Thief is a comedy that has some interesting ideas and plenty of potential, but plays things far too safe with both its formulized story and talented leads., 16 February 2013

Identity Thief reunites Jason Bateman (The Switch, Arrested Development) with director Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, Four Christmases) for a road trip comedy starring the hugely popular Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids). Identity Theft is a subject that has been pretty downplayed on the big screen so far. Needless to say, when this movie was looking to present such an interesting subject in the form of a comedy, it raised a few brows. Does the duo deliver on laughs concerning the concept or are we looking at another run of the mill comedy that got dumped into theaters without a thought?

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