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Please hear me out..., 16 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, I'm going to get straight to the point with this review. And there will be spoilers here, too, so be prepared.

Okay, alright, I know the general reaction to the big "thing" in this episode was shock and sad emotions. I know this because I watched the episode with a few people, and they were all freaking out when Lizzie was holding the bloody knife and said, "I didn't harm the brain." One girl was on the verge of tears. After the episode they were all raving about how great the episode was. I just...didn't like it.

Most people who watch TV shows or movies are familiar with the phrase: "suspension of disbelief." In a nutshell, that just means you can believe only so much and let it go over your head, even if it is unrealistic, until you have to stop and go, "Okay, no...that's not realistic." This entire episode had all of that, for me, anyways. Throughout this episode, I was struggling with believing this little girl would be stupid enough to play with these zombies like they are humans. I can buy the fact she thinks they are still human on the inside, but playing with them, running around with them, and sticking your hand right in front of their jaws? No. Even if she is a little girl, you have to know that wouldn't happen.

AND THEN she kills her sister, Mikea. Stabs her to death. Just, kills her...what? Where did that come from? Did the writers expect me to believe that? My friends were gasping, and (only to be polite to them) I was holding in laughter. I honestly couldn't buy that this LITTLE GIRL (even despite the fact that she was being raised in this post apocalyptic world) would kill her little sister just to try and prove a point to some adults. Because that's really what she was doing. She was trying to prove her theory. I could only suspend my disbelief so much before it got into borderline ridiculous territory.

Now the episode wasn't horrible. I thoroughly enjoyed it up until that "twist," but when that "twist" happened it all just fell apart for me. The reason I'm giving it four stars is because I did enjoy it up until then, and my two favorite parts were Carol's confession to Tyreese, and when Carol shot the little girl, because that actually evoked some emotion out of me, despite Lizzie being the stupidest character this entire season.

Just had to get my opinion out there. If you disagree with me, that's fine, but I wanted to get it out.


Bo Burnham: what. (2013) (TV)
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Nothing short of a masterpiece., 20 December 2013

Oh, Bo. If you are here reading this review then I assume you know enough about Bo Burnham that I don't have to give an in-depth background story on the man. But, I'll provide a brief one. Bo Burnham is a very young and very funny comedian who burst onto the scene after posting YouTube videos of him singing quirky and silly (if not, very clever) songs while playing simple piano melodies. Comedy Central got a hold of him and then he became the youngest comedian to have his own Comedy Central special, four days after his 18th birthday. In 2009, he released his first REAL hour of comedy: Words, Words, Words. "Words" was a very clever hour, packed with poetry, stand up, and songs discussing humor, irony, and religion. "Words" was fantastic, in other words, and now three years later, Bo is releasing his newest hour, called "what." So does "what." live up to the expectations?

In a few words: Yes, and then some. "What." is so different from "Words" like "Words" was different from Bo's first special, which was just a live collection of his YouTube songs. And Bo stays connected with his internet roots, and posted the whole taped hour for FREE on his YouTube channel. So if you are on the fence about it, you should at least try it. Bo paid for it out of pocket and it's free on YouTube. Whether you like him or not, you have to give him credit, but anyways. "What." is a much more energetic performance from Bo, and it is also goofier, but as well as that, it is very analytical and meaningful if you pay close attention. Those who loved "Art is Dead" will have a field day with some of the bits and songs in this special. That's what is so great about Bo. Meaning delivered through comedy is a very hard thing to accomplish, and doing it well is even harder, but Bo pulls it off with flying colors.

So what is "what."? It's a very theatrical special. Calling it stand up feels like an injustice to what it is. It seems more like a one-man play. The opening of the show is WAY more energetic then his opening for "Words", and it gets you hooked right in. Bo then delivers an hour filled with hilarious one-liners, miming, poetry, and his beloved songs. Some of these songs, though goofy on the surface, offer some of the best social commentary and self commentary, if that exists, that I've seen from a comedian. "Left Brain, Right Brain" is a song that is basically a melodic battle between Bo's analytical and smart side and his carefree and emotional side. I felt that I was relating to it a lot more than I should, but then I listened to it again and realized I should be relating to it as much as I did. Another song, "Repeat Stuff", offers us a glance and a satire of modern pop/love songs, getting pretty dark along the way, but the meaning and truth is there. It seems exaggerated, but really, it is pretty close to the truth. Let me tell you, the ending. The closer for this hour is one of the best bits I've ever seen a comedian perform. I find myself getting very emotional when I watch it and when I hear it. It is pure genius, I love it.

So, if you are a fan of Bo, you HAVE to watch this special. If you don't know who Bo is, you should watch it. For God's sake (OH! Forgot to mention the song "From God's Perspective", also one of the best songs he's ever done.) he put the whole special up on YouTube, so you might as well try it. I loved it, and I also got to see it live before this special. It is so wonderful.

A very strong 9/10.

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Enjoyable to a point, but it leaves you wanting more., 20 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So, I saw World War Z. World War Zombie. When was the last time they actually said "zombie" in a zombie horror movie? The Walking Dead made it "cool" to say "infected" or "walker" or "undead." But I haven't heard anyone actually say zombie in a zombie movie. This movie fixes that. Sure, it is a trivial thing, but I still found satisfaction in the fact. I guess you can say there are a lot of trivial things about World War Z, the film, that make you happy. But, then again, there are also many trivial things about this film that make you want more. As a zombie movie, it isn't really a zombie movie. It is a summer action movie sprinkled with some zombie-like thrills and chills. A REAL zombie movie is a movie like Dawn of the Dead. This movie, though enjoyable for the most part, is a watered down version of what a good zombie movie SHOULD be. Though there are negatives about this movie, I still do recommend it.

The plot is your typical zombie movie plot. Well, I'm not sure about typical. Most zombies movies are about people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, and in the background they have subplots about finding a cure or some sort of vaccination. This movie is about people, well, particularly, one man, trying to find some sort of cure for the zombie apocalypse, whilst surviving amongst it. I like the way this movie switches plots around because it doesn't feel like your average zombie movie. But the movie does repeat itself in a sense, but I'll get to that later. More specifically, Brad Pitt plays a UN employee who is traveling the world searching for a way to stop the spreading zombie pandemic. As more and more cities go dark, the more hope is lost. Brad Pitt also has a family, a wife and two daughters, who are left on a ship as he goes off on this quest. They don't really contribute much to the story, which is kind of a complaint, because this subplot could've added more depth to the characters and more emotion to the overall story. But, no, Brad Pitt just calls them every now then to remind them: "Hey, honey, I'm alive!"

This is a good summer movie. I'm going to say that right now. I did enjoy the movie for what it was, a summer movie. But the fact that they watered it down to a PG-13 movie upset me. The zombies in this movie are just there to remind you that it is a zombie movie. They don't actually do anything other than run around chasing people or just stand there. Sure, they pounce on someone, but they leave it at that. The movie has no zombie violence, which is good in some ways because it appeals to a wider demographic, but most of us would like to have some REAL zombie action. Even though, also, they stepped away from the regular zombie plot, it still does feel like a generic zombie movie, except watered down. The movie is enjoyable, yes, but it isn't good for much more then thrills. There's no emotional depth to it, which I would've enjoyed, especially when there was a strong subplot they could've used between Brad Pitt and his family. As I said earlier, the movie does kind of repeat itself in the sense that Brad Pitt goes to a place where it seems safe, then stuff goes down, then Brad Pitt goes to another place where it seems safe and yeah. They vary it up a bit. There was also one thing that I didn't buy at all in the movie, and it is kind of spoiler-y so I'll highlight it with astericks. ******When that kid shot himself after tripping. Seriously? That's all I can say.******

Overall, those are just complaints I had. I think I have a lot of complaints about movies that are similar to others, but I don't let them bother me as much as others. I still really enjoyed the movie for what it was, a fun summer movie. I had fun watching it, and it is enjoyable. So a very light 7.


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I liked it a lot more than I thought I would., 17 June 2013

Magic movies are a mixed bag with me. Movies like The Prestige stick out in my mind as the best of the magic movies. There are also movies like the Illusionists and The Scoop. Actually, I think it is just Scoop, but anyways. There are some interesting magic movies out there, and honestly, I really was not looking forward to Now You See Me. Even despite the fact that Woody Harrelson was in it, it just didn't particularly catch my eye. Interesting concept? You bet. But that's how they grab you. I didn't want to pay to see it, anyways. If it showed up on Netflix on a Saturday with nothing to do, then sure, I probably would've invested my time in it. But low expectations can lead to some great surprises when seeing a movie. Am I saying that this movie is great? No, it's far from it. Am I saying that this movie is worth watching and good? With it's flaw, yes, it is a good movie.

The movie's plot goes as such: four magicians who give money to their audiences. But not their money, no no. They give the money to their audiences after robbing it from banks or from other places in certain cases. The movie does a good job at interesting you in the first couple of minutes. That card trick that Jesse Eisenberg did was cool, at the beginning, where he said "Look for a card," and then he revealed the card. What made it cool was I'm sure that 97% of the people who watched the movie saw the same card I did, and that was the same card that was revealed in the movie. But anyways, the FBI and Interpol get wind of these "magicians" who are robbing these places and giving the money to the audience. The reason I put quotes around magicians is because the FBI and Interpol refuse to believe that it is magic, because if they do, then that will cause a frenzy. Cops believing in magic? That's preposterous! But all this bank robbing is all for a greater purpose, and now we have our movie.

Now You See Me is most effective when the magicians are at work on stage. When they are doing their tricks, that's when you are most interested. Some of the stuff in between their tricks is interesting, but a lot of the times it is slow and lacks the pun intended, that those scenes had. There were some twists and turns in the movie, some that I did see coming and some that I didn't see coming. And when you don't see it coming, you REALLY don't see it coming. My general complaints about the film are sometimes, it doesn't make sense. A lot of the tricks are explained, but the more trickier of them are not explained. It makes you think, "How DID they do that? Does magic really exist?" But that goes against what the movie is telling you, and that is magic doesn't exist. So you really want to know some of these things. And as I said before, some scenes were slow and some of the twists were easy to see coming. I also didn't know which side to root for, because the characters weren't developed enough for me to be like "YEAH, GO FBI" or "YEAH, GO MAGICIANS!" I was sitting there like, "Okay, whatever happens happens."

But overall, this was a fun movie to watch. It was certainly flawed, but it still was fun to watch. Would I see it again? Nah, maybe on that boring Saturday on Netflix. Is it worth full price? Eh, depends on the mood. If I could go back, I would pay for it at matinée price. But regardless, it is a good movie, and I did enjoy it.


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This is the End is what I wanted This is 40 to be, comedy-wise., 16 June 2013

I'm going to start off by saying that if you didn't like this movie and didn't think it was funny, please don't read this review. You are better off finding a review that you agree with, because I thought this movie was absolutely hysterical. And if you didn't, I'm sorry. But this movie, This is the End, is one of my highest anticipated movies, ever since it was first titled as Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse on IMDb, I had been following this movie. I'm familiar with the work of Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (AKA Pineapple Express, Superbad AKA some of the funniest comedies in the last decade), and when I saw that they were directing this movie, the first thing I thought to myself is, "What could go wrong?" The answer, my fellow movie-lovers, to that question is nothing. Abso-positively-lutely nothing. This is the End is the funniest comedy since last year's breakout comedy 21 Jump Street.

The plot of this movie is basically just background, because you came to the movie to laugh. There is no real plot, or point, that they are trying to make. You came here to laugh, and that, they accomplish with flying colors. But the plot goes as such: Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen are hanging out in LA, and the two go to this wild insane party at James Franco's house, where he has numerous fellow celebrities there. Rihanna, Emma Watson, Mindy Kaling, Jason Segel, Kevin Hart, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Emma Watson, Aziz Ansari, Michael Cera, EMMA WATSON! The fact that Hermione is in the movie at all makes it awesome, and the fact that Michael Cera plays a completely altered version of himself is just amazing. Whoever came up with that idea, I applaud you. But as the party goes on, the end of the world happens. The BIBLICAL version, not some 2012 sort of end of the world. And James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, and Jonah Hill are all existing in this apocalypse. That's the main plot of the movie.

The main reason that this movie succeeds is that all of the actors play themselves. They could've just written up fake random characters and had all this happen, but no, having all the actors play exaggerated versions of themselves makes this ten times funnier, because this make the movie self-aware. The actors know they are playing exaggerated versions, and they play off of that really well. The dialogue, however vulgar, is still the same kind of dialogue you would expect from the guys who made Superbad and Pineapple Express, and it is absolutely hilarious. Aside from all the situational comedy and sight gags, the script and dialogue make this movie as great as it is. I'm sure, though, that about 97% of the movie is improv. I bet the events that happen are scripted, but all of it is improv. I'm kidding, but you know with this movie there is clearly a lot of improv. I loved it, I loved it, I LOVED it.

Now, to critique this movie like a normal movie would be unfair. To be like "Oh, well the cinematography, and the blah blah, and the yada and the blah blah didn't parallel to the editing and the production design and the blagh." This is a movie that you go to see for the laughs, and with that, it does perfectly. I'm also surprised, pleasantly, I might add, at the spiritual lessons it provides amidst the raunch and vulgarity. Let's be clear, also, that I don't hand out 10's easily. I don't think I've given a 10 this year to any movie, but if any movie deserves it, it is This is the End, because it does exactly what you want it to. Go see it, you'll love it.


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ALMOST what I had hoped for, but I still enjoyed it., 14 June 2013

I'll state something right now. A lot of people went into this thinking that this was going to be like The Dark Knight because people saw that Christopher Nolan produced it. I'll state off the back that at no point did I find myself thinking, Yeah, this is a Chris Nolan movie. You can tell that it isn't, it is a Zack Snyder movie. The directing styles are different. You could pick out Nolan's directing style blindfolded. But it is good that Nolan produced this and he oversaw the production, because it did make for a really interesting Superman movie. With some improvements, I would love for another Man of Steel movie after this. I will say right now that if you LOVED this movie, if you really enjoyed it, you are not going to agree with this review. Much like when I reviewed the Hobbit, I had to say first and foremost that I DID enjoy the movie, but I still had some complaints about it that made it less than great.

Man of Steel is mainly an origin story, kind of. Well, it has, screw it, it is an origin story. There's a LOT of back story near the beginning, which is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it is very stylishly and interestingly told. The first 20-ish minutes encompass the birth of Kal-El (AKA Superman, though I think it is cool that they actually refer to him as Kal-El in the movie) and him being sent to the "alien" planet of Earth. This happens because General Zodd, played by an always awesome Michael Shannon, takes over Krypton and basically destroys the whole planet. Remember JJ Abrams Star Trek and when they blow up Vulcan? Yeah, that's what happens here, except in the introduction. General Zodd gets wind of Kal-El being sent away and swears that he will find him to Kal-El's mother, as he is put in Kryptonian prison. And, well, he does, and thus we have our movie.

I really like Henry Cavill as Kal-El. I thought he killed it as the Man of Steel, he did a really good job. Amy Adams as Lois Lane, eh, she's Amy Adams, you can't really complain but you won't walk away going wow, no one else could've played Lois Lane like she did. It doesn't take away from the movie, though. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane do a really good job as Kal-El's parents, and some unexpected appearances also did a good job, such as Christopher Meloni. I won't go into too much detail, but I like how the movie brings out Kal-El's human side, because after all, he spent his whole life on Earth, and the movie does a really good job at showing that. Now, the movie's star deductions fall in the later action sequences and some early technical issues. Technical issues, I didn't like the shaky cam. There were times where it was alright but a lot of the time I got a bit frustrated with it. The later action sequences during the climax kind of repeated themselves just to fill in the time gap. I thought they were too long, and if they had mixed it up, I would've enjoyed them more. But no, the action sequences sort of repeated themselves and I found myself going to the bathroom twice and checking my iPod during the CLIMAX. That's not good.

But overall, I did enjoy this movie, and I will probably buy it when it comes to DVD. I want to see a sequel to this movie, and I want them to improve on the faults. Over all, it is worth your money, and any fan of superhero movies will enjoy it.

A very strong 7 out of 10.

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The not-so-epic finale., 1 June 2013

The Hangover Part 3...Part 3. Did the second one need to be made? No. That's a definite no. The second one as everyone knows is literally a rehash of what was so great about the first, except it was a lot darker than the first. Did a third one need to be made? No. But with the success of the second (it did better at the box office than the first movie did), of course a third one was going to be made. I guess as a film reviewer it was silly of me to start watching this movie with optimism. I really thought that going in a new direction with this franchise would really save the Wolfpack. But, I was wrong. In the second movie, I at least laughed out loud a few times, despite the excessive raunch and the rehash of what made the original so great. This movie is different, it has a different story line, with some throwbacks to the original movie which I liked, but that doesn't make it better. Misleadingly named, The Hangover Part 3 turns from a heist movie to a manhunt, with no hangover thrown into the mix.

The plot is as such: Alan's father dies. Alan's father dies and this basically sends Alan a bit cuckoo and over the edge (like he wasn't already), but this time his family can't deal with it. So his family, including Phil and Stu, stage an intervention in which they plan to send Alan to a mental institution to try and change him as a person. While Doug, Stu, Phil, and Alan are driving to this place, they get ambushed by Black Doug and John Goodman. I refuse to call John Goodman anything other than John Goodman, because I don't care what movie he's in, he's John Goodman. John Goodman is some sort of mobster/drug dealer who has a little score to settle with Mr. Leslie Chow. Mr. Chow has stolen John Goodman's gold, but he can't find Chow, so he enlists the help of the Wolfpack to find the gold. To ensure that they try and find it, they kidnap Doug (of course) and threaten to kill him if they don't find the gold for him. That's the first plot, because it is so basic that it doesn't even last long enough. The second plot is that they have to find Mr. Chow and bring him to John Goodman.

The Hangover Part 2 was at least moderately funny to me because even though it already happened, it can at least warrant a chuckle the second time around. This movie just isn't funny. Whatsoever. I think a contributing factor to this is that the screenwriters have really changed the characters that we know and love. Phil and Stu are out of the picture, because this is Alan's movie, but Alan isn't Alan anymore. In the first movie, Alan was sort of that man child that when he said something stupid you would pat him on the head and be like, "Oh, we'll keep an eye on you, you're special, you are." In this movie Alan is like a jerk, and he's intentional about it. He's also pretty much a sexual predator. Alan isn't the lovable innocent anymore, he is the deviant. Zach Galifianakis got his name out with the first Hangover movie, because he was really funny in that innocent way. In this, his dialogue is forced just for the sake of a forced laugh to try and sound dark. In one scene we learn that he has masturbated on a bus...that's not Alan! Another thing I didn't like was Chow. In the first movie, Chow was just that perfect amount of crazy that it is funny. In this movie, they overdo his crazy-ness and frankly, it is annoying. His overdone accent, and everything. Don't get me wrong, I love Ken Jeong as an actor, but the new Chow is just a nuisance, and he's not funny like he was in the first movie. I could go on, but you get the point.

Frankly, in the end, the Hangover should've been a stand-alone movie, because it was a solid and hilarious movie, but then sequels came about and they just didn't live up to their full potential. Todd Phillips struck lightning in a bottle with the first Hangover movie, but the sequels were just unnecessary. I give it two stars because the acting is good, and that warrants a star, and it did have some chuckle worthy moments (plus one laugh out loud scene during the credits). But in the end, I would rather watch Hangover 2 again. Just let this be the last movie.


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A great way to kick off the summer movies!, 17 May 2013

I am not a Trekkie. If you are looking for a review from the point of view from a real Trekkie, then this is not the right review for you. I am simply just not a fan. I don't NOT like it, I just haven't watched the shows or the original movies. I want to, but I've got other shows and movie matters to attend to. But I have seen the 2009 Star Trek movie, which I loved. So I was extremely excited for this, especially since the original cast was returning AND J.J. Abrams was returning to the director's chair. This IS the best summer movie thus far, and some of you might argue that Iron Man 3 is, and I agree it was a good movie but there were many disappointing factors that I'm afraid can't make it the kickstarter to the summer movie season. But this...this....After four long years containing many rumors and speculation as to if there would be a sequel, and then it FINALLY being announced and it FINALLY being announced that the cast was returning and so was Abrams. Yes. I'm extremely happy to say that this movie is the movie that is going to be the tough act to follow with the summer movies. This was awesome!

The plot of this movie is kind of similar to the first movie, but not in the bad rehash sort of way. It is the same concept, the Enterprise, the crew, the blah blah, there is a villain who is trying to do very evil things, you know the drill. One thing I was afraid of was there being disputes between Spock and Kirk that were already in the first, and there were, but they were different. In the first movie, they seemed to really resent each other, but in this movie, it's like friendly disputes that Spock starts because Vulcans cannot lie, and that isn't the greatest way to prevent arguments. BUT ANYWAYS, THE PLOT! Captain Kirk is basically leading the Enterprise to find a guy who is a member of the Star Fleet. This guy, John Harrison, is basically a human weapon of mass destruction. Benedict Cumberbatch plays this villain, and I'm sure you have all heard the praise. He really does a wonderful job, as do the rest of the cast, but he really stands out. He is a lot better then the Mandarin, I will say...okay I won't reference Iron Man 3 anymore.

But this movie, I really did love this movie. It is the summer movie I was expecting. It had the good script, great action, MAGNIFICENT special effects, good acting. It was pretty good. A tiny technical thing I didn't like about the first movie was the excessive use of lens flares. I know some people are a fan of that, but it kind of pestered me, and I'm glad that J.J. Abrams toned it down for this movie. But this movie never bored me, I was always anticipating what was going to happen next, and J.J. Abrams knows how to open a summer movie, and that is with an exciting action sequence. This movie hooks you in and doesn't let you go until the credits roll. So...why the 9 out of 10? Why not the full 10, you ask? Well you, person sitting at a computer, I'm glad you asked! The ending. I really can't say what happens, because I tend to avoid spoilers, but I just thought the ending became a bit cliché and predictable. The ending that I THOUGHT they were going to go with would have been amazing, and I got emotionally involved. I got teary eyed, in fact, but then when I realized what they were going to actually do, I felt like getting emotional was all for nothing. My only complaint.

So overall, this is a good movie. I can't really say it is a good Star Trek movie, because I'm not a Trekkie, but I would take a wild guess that it was a good Star Trek movie. It is definitely a fantastic way to kick off the summer movie season. Go see this if you want to have a great time at the movies!


Iron Man 3 (2013)
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Seriously, people need to lighten up, now hear me out., 3 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


A lot of hype goes up to any recent Marvel movie, after the worldwide success of The Avengers. People are calling these post-Avengers Marvel movies "Phase 2" of our favorite superheroes. Iron Man 3 is the very first Marvel movie to be released since the Avengers. Now, when I see movies, I try not to go by what the trailer says. There have been several instances where this comes in handy, because a lot of movies have been completely different from the trailers when I got my hopes up too much. I've read several negative reviews on IMDb (those that didn't spoil major plot points), and they all basically said that the movie was different than the trailer suggested. That's where the movie is ruined for other people. They rely on trailers too much, and I watch trailers, sure, but I don't rely on them to give me a taste of what the movie is. Now, a lot of people will love Iron Man 3, but I also know why people will be really angry with Iron Man 3. I did watch the trailers for this movie, but as I have already stated, I do not rely on them, because if I did for this movie, I would've given it a 2- star rating like the rest of the people on this website. As I first stated, a lot of hype goes into any Marvel movie for any Marvel fan, and this movie had lots of hype around it. Now, hear me out.

The IMDb website plot summary says: "When Tony Stark's world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution." Okay, sure, I can agree with this, in some sense. This movie is more of a Tony Stark movie. It mainly is about him, and not Iron Man. Sure, I would've liked to have a bit more Iron Man in this movie, but that's not the point. This is kind of like the Dark Knight Rises, and I hate to bring that up, but I fear I must. In that, we didn't get a lot of Batman, but a lot of Bruce Wayne. Same thing here, not a lot of Iron Man, but more Tony Stark and all of his acquaintances, and his girlfriend, Pepper. There's also not a lot of action, but when there is action, it is quite exciting and really fun to watch. The plot is mainly about the Mandarin's efforts to start his own army of these mutant people. Basically they were subject to testing with a drug (drug?) called Extremis. Now they are these weird soldiers that are terrorizing blah blah, Tony Stark decides to try and stop them blah blah.

Now, I did like the movie, but like I said, it's because I didn't get my hopes up with the trailer. This sequel is a step up to the eh Iron Man 2, but it still isn't better than the wonderfully amazing Iron Man, which was a gritty dark tale, and that was a great movie. This time around though, it isn't gritty, but more of a fun movie. It has humor. A LOT of humor, and sometimes this is overbearing. It is still funny for the most part, but I'm sure a lot of people will back me when I say we miss the grittier movies. But anyway. The movie had the good acting, the movie had great special effects, great action, good directing, good blah blah. Like I said, this was more of a Tony Stark movie, and this was a great way to add some character development as well. I liked that, even if I did miss the Iron Man, it was still a good way to make the movie. I have two main problems with the movie, and tiny individual problems that I won't address because they are just tiny things. One of them involves spoilers, and I will clearly specify that in the next paragraph. The non-spoiler problem is the auto pilot suits. That, to me, doesn't really make sense, because then what is the point of having Tony Stark? The auto pilot suits sort of make him obsolete, don't you think?

***Spoiler*** The Mandarin. What in the world? Even though earlier I said I did not rely on the trailers, I was still really pumped for the Mandarin. Even if I didn't know the Mandarin was in the movie, I would still have been really disappointed. Ben Kingsley is a great actor, but the Mandarin isn't supposed to be an actor as well. That just disappointed me in so many ways. The Mandarin was going to be such a great character and enemy, but no they had to go and ruin it. I mean, no. That was my REAL main problem with the movie. ***End of spoilers***

Overall, don't think too hard before you see the movie, and don't get your hopes up because then you are always going to be disappointed. Just do what I did. This is a good movie, and a really fun movie to watch. Iron Man 3 is a rock solid sequel, a lot better than Iron Man 2, but still not as good as Iron Man. See it if you aren't going to analyze it with the comics too much, because it is a good movie. Thank you for hearing me out.


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If you are familiar with the work of Bo Burnham, you are sure to enjoy this., 2 May 2013

This is my first television review. I usually review movies, because I never catch series premieres that I actually want to watch. But this is different, because I'm a huge fan of Bo Burnham. I have all of his albums, and I'm familiar with his stand up and his music on his YouTube channel. As most people know, Bo gained his fame from his songs on YouTube. He gathered millions of views and blah blah. About six years later, he is now the star and co- creator of his own TV show on MTV. "Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous." If you are a fan of Bo Burnham in general, then you are sure to like this, because it is so Bo.

The plot follows Zach Stone, who is basically Bo Burnham's persona with a changed name. It is a documentary style sitcom that basically chronicles pre-fame life. Zach Stone believes he is going to become famous, even despite the fact that he has no real talent. Due to this belief, he decides not to pursue college after he's graduated high school, just in the tiny hopes that he will become famous. The pilot episode follows Zach's quest to set up a great funeral "performance", since he is speaking on behalf of the deceased. Zach sees this as a chance to showcase his "talent," and along the way he tries to find a girl to bring with him. He basically treats the funeral like a party.

The pilot episode was consistently funny with Bo's type of humor, and even if you don't know much about Bo Burnham it is still a funny pilot. It is funny in that dark, ironic way. There's a lot of dark humor, but there's also some irony thrown in, along with a few pop culture references. Most of the time it warranted some chuckles, but there were two or three moments where I did laugh out loud. For a thirty minute introduction episode, that's the best I could ask for from a pilot. Like I said, this show is probably not for the easily offended because there are some jokes sprinkled in there that might raise some eyebrows.

Overall, for a pilot episode, it shows some potential. Unfortunately, that potential will probably not be carried out, or this show will get cancelled, because it's MTV. But we'll see. After a while a show like this could get a bit stale, but I'll stick around. It is a funny show and I recommend it for fans of Bo and fans of people who like funny and dark shows. This is definitely one of the better shows that has been on MTV for quite a long time. I will return for the next episode.

***UPDATE*** The show is now over, and MTV isn't renewing it. But as a whole show, this is one of the best shows I've watched. I don't know how Mr. Burnham did it but he created a creative and smart comedy, and the last three episodes I found myself getting emotional on several occasions. The last three episodes will probably be my favorite of the whole show, but the whole show is still amazing.

A very strong 9/10. Hopefully this show will find a home somewhere else and get a second season.

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