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Christmas Homecoming (2017 TV Movie)
Christmas with a Patriotic Heart
25 November 2017
Both of the lead characters play the parts of war-torn lost souls. The story is that of a fairy tale which tells the rest of us to keep our hearts open even when it hurts. This is not a story about Christmastime, only, but one of lost love and finding one's way. Yeah, the Grinch which wrote the bad review is certainly an evil troll looking for love in all the wrong places. Just give the movie a try and see that not everything about the world is bad.
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Fallen Stars (2017)
A film about young Zeroes meandering through life.
27 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The two leads in this film are likable actors with very little to act in this shell of a character study. We all have friends like these two, they the lifeless slot fillers at parties and gatherings. The story goes off into the Disingenuous Zone by suddenly revealing that she is a well known somebody. Geez, she is such a nothing that I refuse to believe that she even knows how to use a pay toilet with a coin door. He is the quintessential Failure-to-Launch... nothing new. So little happens in this film that I am left to wonder if the story was improvised after they began shooting. Watching these two recite the dialog was painful. Her character has some very wacky views about, well, the entire world. Me, I just cannot go on any longer about this piece of crap movie. Signing out....
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Within (2016)
SPOILERS!!!!!! Great, great, great!
18 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS!!!!!!!Unbelievable film! Truly great and a real gem of a drama slash horror film. Michael Vartan is of French origin, BTW. Usually, French films are not 2 good. He is great, great, great in this one. I loved, loved, loved this movie. It is scary! And, I mean scary! Truly a very horrific film in all the ways that a movie can be horrific without being real and, really, just a movie! At 20:32 there is a scene that blew me away, Completely! In 1960, something-ish, The House on Haunted Hill wowed audiences and this one does, too. I liked the tone of the fear that it has in most of it. Five people that I know did not see it but liked the way it sounded when I told them about it.
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Black Road (I) (2016)
Better than Blade Runner! ****SPOILERS****
19 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you like the dark side of SciFi, this film is for you! Set in 4029, replicant cyborg, Lloyd "Teriyaki" Pondue, is on the trial of a gang of intergalactic drug runners that are selling wasbah to the aliens and terrestrials of the Milky Way. One of the actors, in real life, is a close friend of Katherine Zeta Johnson. When Teriyaki finds Laudner, the gang leader, he will go to any lengths to bring them to justice. The special effects were spendacular and the sex scenes were hot and smelly! When the first spaceship lands, the fight for the planet is one of the best space stories that I have ever seen in 3D or 4D. It was virtual rality on steroids!Amid the laser blasts and nuclear explosions lies a movie of warm feeling and emotion superdity. Just strap yourself in and "Let the Force Be with YOU"!
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Hawkeye (1988)
Solid action film! SPOILERS!!!!
16 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked this film. Think the French Connection meets Chuck Norris in Code of Silence. Cheung is Gene Hackman-like in this modern Vegas set noir. The tension throughout the movie is held by an expertly written script and well choreograph action scenes. Cameos by Martin Balsam and Tobias Pahloosh were comic interludes that allowed the viewers to have a chuckle here and there.


Look for Steven Seagal in a very funny scene involving a prostitute, a cab driver, and a little person. My only gripe was that the gunfights were a little too long in spots. The car chases were right out of Ronin, A!!

Naomi Campbell was hot. Some of the sex scenes were a little too explicit for an R Rated movie especially given that they show actual penetration and digital manipulation of genitalia.
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This is action at its BEST! Period>>>>
5 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If you like Hero, House of a Thousand Flying Daggers, National Treasure, or Last Tango in Paris, you will love this film. It has that hint of an epic film tempered with the legitimacy of an Oscar nominated documentary. Yes! It is that REAL! Nicolas Cage's acting was spot-on, Salam Hyack was spectacular. The lightning effects during the rain storm put me right in the movie with the main characters. The sex scenes were done very, very tastefully, but, be warned there are glimpses of female genitalia in many parts of the lovemaking. I like my woman tall and firm and this film is full of those types of women!This movie may not win any awards, but it deserves to be nominated for something. You need Dolby THX DTS in your home system to fully enjoy this film. Be warned!!!!
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Atlantic Rim (2013 Video)
Not really bad at all...don't understand the negativity????
6 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS!!!! OK, I saw all of the bad reviews and said, "Hey, this must be a terrible movie without much of anything that I would like because so many other people hated it!". But, then I said, "Hey, why not watch it anyway because I know that I won't live forever and there is a chance it could be good and I will die and NOT know it was really good.". So, I decided to watch it and found out that it was well acted and had a great plot with really, really, dootedly CGI effects. The bots looked like they could walk right off your screen and into your bed with your girlfriend. Several of the actors were sweaty all of the time, I noticed, BTW! We were all like shouting that they needed to wipe off the sweat or get sudsy in an all out soapy shower scene with hot babes and milfs. It's all good anyway with out the shower scene.
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Coherence (2013)
Lot's cosmic hootiness!
25 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well, the owls are out on this one. Complete hooty writing makes for a less than wondufferful script. I was shocked at the complete lack of ecological awareness in this movie. People run around and act like there are no such things as electric cars, nuclear power plants, or solar power. I know that this a concept film , as such. But, the reverse contexting of the lead character is the main reason that none of it is believable or worth caring about in the normal sense that people care about things like this. Save you time and money! If I had paid ten bucks to see this, it still would not have been a bargain. There was one neat thing, though. Look for a cameo of Marshall Hicks in the last part of the film. This movie completely ruined my trip to Philly!
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Street Racer (2008 Video)
Buckle your seat belts for a wild ride!
5 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First, let me say that I professionally street raced for over 9 years before having a bad crash, killing a family of 4 in a minivan. So, I know this world like the back of my racing glove and can vouch that the writer and director have nailed it PERFECTLY. The acting is spot-on. Clint Browning has James Dean'ish good looks and oozes that Rebel Without a Cause angst which was integral to his role. The chicks are hot, and I mean HOT (in ALL uppercase if you know what I mean...). The cars and racing racing sequences are first rate. Tom Lopoziter, an LA based car builder, fabricated the cars for the film. Also, look for a cameo of Tobias Pahloosh in the beginning of the movie. The plot of Street Racers is lifted straight from the mean streets of the asphalt jungle of the oil stained roads from which the world of illegal street racing was born. The fire and fury of the turbo charged script gives the movie that dash of realism. I found myself pulled in and, before long, found myself shouting "Just wrap your legs 'round these velvet rims and strap your hands 'cross my engines" at the movie screen. Word of warning to parents of children under the age of 18 if considering this film: Some of the the sex scenes are graphic and unstimulated.
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Dragonslayer (2011)
So! This is what nothing feels like....
17 November 2012
This is one of those documentaries where one can feel the love that the creator/director has for his/her subject. It's, also, one of those films where the viewer is left out in the cold wondering why the director is so infatuated with the subject. There's just nothing of substance to examine. In this case, the skateboarder is mediocre at, well, skateboarding. Worse, he is a dim bulb and his circle of friends are all lifeless and tragically without original thoughts. Granted, he is not supposed to be some brainy whiz kid that founded his own software company at the age of 12. But Geez, this guy is so much of a zero that I had a hard time understanding how he even finds his way around his own apartment. I found myself nodding off every time that he began to speak. He has this hypnotic way in which he talks that lures one into a waking slumber. God, I am so happy that my 2 boys amounted to something.
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Lake Dead (2007)
Not very good, really bad, just horrid.....
12 November 2012
First, none of the hotter lead actresses get really naked. That's a low blow. The only really buck naked girl is the slutty, not so hot one. But, it was just a bad, predictable movie. Way, too many cliché-type situations that will not play for a year 2000+ crowd. Look, if this came out in 1972, it would have been good. Not now. Cameos from Tom Bergeron, Tom Arnold, and Tiffany Giffman did nothing to help this very boring film. When I watch a film like this, and it's really bad, I expect some wanton sex and real nakedness for the hotter female leads. I am not looking for all out, full stiffey inducing porn, but I am looking for either an effort in the story department or, at least some, gratuitous nudity.
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A movie about rejects and violent retards
27 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Sick people doing sick stuff to people. In the center of it all, a little boy that will be messed up for quite some time due to these idiots. I must admit that it was well acted. The troupe depicted these lowlife weirdos really well, though. I believed that these scumbags were actual people. In the end, the story writes in a ray of hope for the kid. But, you still want to have this entire group of nothings locked up on an island somewhere. It will take a while for me to wash the dirtiness off myself after watching these doozers operate in their skinhead little world. Don't they have better things to do in England? I have no idea what's going on over there!
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One heck of a movie
21 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Originally conceived as a sequel to Forrest Gump, this film captures all of the Forrest Gump atmosphere without falling into the trap of repeating it. Look for Tom Hanks in a minor supporting role. The special effects were great and the original music brought me back to the 60's. Paul Walker is a gem. A few mistakes happen here and there. A cordless phone is used and we all know that there were no cordless phones in 1867. I liked Rom Potovsky as the Gatekeeper, he is also the voice of the Chevy trucks commercials. This film reminds me of The Godfather in so many ways. First, it's a crime movie, and also, it's about crime. There are many great scenes involving tires and wheels that are different thing to see in a movie.
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Solar Crisis (1990)
Exciting and factual
6 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Given the global warming crisis, we should look to great films like this to point humanity's way into the future. Well made and perfectly cast, this movie captures the spirit of man vs. nature. O.J. Simpson best said it in "Capricorn One" as he dies in the desert, "...I'm hot and thirsty..". Well, that's the feeling one gets as "Solar Crisis" provokes the doom of a sun gone mad. A real treasure! I would watch this and Al Gore's documentary as a double feature to best understand what man now faces. The other film that comes to mind is "The Reincarnation of Peter Proud". In 1975, I once saw Richard Harris on an airplane.
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Does not add up to a story or a movie...
14 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The writer/director is so full of his/her visual technique that we are left without a story, narrative, or plot. Think, David Lynch (always good) combined with Soderbergh's "Kafka" (with Jeremy Irons) and mix in "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", you'll get the picture. Model trains conveniently whooshing around the squalor, black and white, THEN, color.... Now, mix in some, you guessed it, dreams! Oh, did I forget that the writer's big deal was to have genius/time traveler walk around with a briefcase. I am sure that this was lauded as a masterpiece at the Vegas film festival. Oh, the permits to film at the old loon bin were so hard to obtain that it deserved a spiel at the end! Talk about a waste of film. I would advise the writer/director go see "Primer" before tackling a conceptual space/time continuum theme. "I have something for you..." said in the David Lynch little person modulated voice.... yes I get it. Hey, do you expect us to believe that boy-genius laid all of that O-Gauge track for the in-house railroad? Yeah. "Session 9" was filmed at an abandoned asylum, but, it had a real story! No new ideas, I guess. Yes, at the end we get a bad Twilight Zone ending.
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If a flea crawls
26 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers

Despite cameos from Ray Liotta and Ransom Monroe, nothing gives this film the kick it needs. When the Sharon Stone character shoplifts the gloves, towels, guns, and diamonds, we are led to believe that she is the one abusing the girl next door to Bill. It turns out that she is not the one. Two or three scenes are stolen from The Big Chill, directly. At least twice, clocks are shown in the background showing different times. Sharon Stone looks good for an actress who is over 70 years of age and really is hot. Dylan Baker is underrated for an actor that can play a good weirdo. I knew a guy in high school who was weird like him so we picked on him until he snapped like the Bill in the movie. I was eating a taco while watching this and I had the feeling that someone else was watching me eat the taco, and, watch the movie. Then, I realized that someone could be watching the person that is watching me eating the taco and watching the movie. These random thoughts made watching the movie infinitely more interesting.
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Godzilla isn't the right proportion in this one..
30 December 2005
Godzilla changes sizes in this one way too much because the guys who did the movie did not use a 397 Scaler during production. Also, look for a very short cameo from Shirley Booth. In the scene when the first building crashes, they destroy a building form the old Bladerunner set. In 1932, when the Takamari Sumaki first starting writing the scenes for what would evolve into Gojira (Godzilla), he had just seen King Kong and was deeply moved by it. Later, he was arrested for sedition after WWII during the occupation and nearly executed by American troops. He was saved by actor Toshiro Mifune. Later, they became the best of friends and worked on this film.
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Bleacher Bums (2001 TV Movie)
What sports movies are all about!
29 July 2003
This movie captures the world of the baseball fan in perfect detail. The characters are full of personality and the acting is superb. If you have ever gone to support a ball team for more than one season, then you will identify with this movie. Wyne Knight is hilarious and Jeff Lazlo is great as the female impersonater, Melody. Just sit back and enjoy the action of baseball. The game reenactments are first rate and look for a cameo by one of the writers, Frank Sinatra, Jr.! Watching this movie makes me want a hot dog and a beer!
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