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The Michael Myers Movies
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Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of bloody violence and terror/peril involving graphic shark attacks, distubing images, some partial nudity/sexual references, brief drug use, and language.
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Rated R for strong brutal violence and gore, disturbing behavior, grisly images, some nudity, and language.
Running time: 139
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Rated PG-13 for some bloody violence, frightening images, menace, brief patial nudity, some language and sexual references.
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A mix of the 1931,the 1994, the Hammer version, and some of my own touches.
Rated R for disturbing images and content involving gore and violence and some mild languge
123 min.
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some changes
also incase your wondering there is no norris, clark's stomach spits on instead.
p.s. i'm not saying i want them to remake the thing but if they were they would make it similar to the original with some changes
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title: i don't a clue. any ideas would be appreciated.
plot: At the U.M.R., an underwater mining and research facility, the miners discover a U.S. spaceship that is not on any record. One miner says he heard something big inside trying to get out. When they return to go inside they find that the thing got out. They then are terrorized by an unseen object. When they request help they are quarantined. Will anyone reach surface... in one piece.
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A group of people that would bring my sci-fi/action/drama movie to life.
Title: Peter, the Robot.
Summary: In the year 2111, man is at war with an alien army. Earth is divided into is divided into thirty-three colonies. A major threat is the alien's deadly human-like androids. When one boy-like android crashes and is badly damaged, major alien hater and destroyer Colonel Scott wants to destroy it, but the kind and very intelligent Dr. Molly Stewart wants to study it. They take it to a research facility in Colony 6. Dr. Henderson discovers it has lost most of its memory. She also discovers it is somehow different from other android. Colonel Scott recives the order to destroy it because the military discovered the alien are searching for it for some reason. It then escapes. It ends up in a scrap yard owned by the eccentric Michell Matthews. His niece Ashley, whose mother died giving birth to her and father was kidnapped by the aliens in a battle, discovers it. Ashley, who is good at fixing machines, befriend it and names him Peter. She teaches him thinks. Meanwhile, he is being hunted by Colonel Scott and the military and the whole alien force.
Ashley and Peter will be played by unknown childern around the age of 13. Any know childern opions wound be apprreciated.
Visual Effects by ILM and WETA.
About 2 and a half hours.
not finish
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not finished
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Rated R for strong bloody violece, gore, gruesome images, nudity, and language
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Moby Dick 3D
A mix of the 56 version and the 98 version.
Changes= more intense, some minor words added and taken out, different camera angles, in 3D, some minor scenes added, and it shows Ahab lose his leg to Moby Dick.
PG-13 for intense bloody whaling action/adventure sequences, peril, some gore, and mild language.
Special effects by ILM
192 min.
not the real cast
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Tagline= Hell is High
Changes= (spoilers) it starts off with O'Hallorhan losing his friend in a fire, the two firemen have more dialog, the security guard and Will get on fire, Jernigan has a larger part, Lisolette dies climbing down the stairs, men cause the helicopter crash, Susan gives her ticket to Patty, instead of Lisolette falling out of the elevator Patty does, O'Hallorhan pulls the firefighter up, the mayor throws Simmons from the chair and says,''Get off of my chair,''the the rope snaps, O'Hallorhan dies setting off the C4 because the remote didn't work, some minor words are changed, and some stuff is edited.
196 min.
In 3D
Rated PG-13 for intense fire and rescue situations, peril, disturbing images, and language.
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Setting- A labratory studying radiation creates a silver energy absorbing, radioactive blob that can blow throught air-look doors, melt itself into water, shoot metel plates through cars, shoot electricity, and lift busy city streets! Now it's up to a group of scientists and the military to stop it before it absorbs allthe world's power, including our energy in ourselves!
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Lives of New Yorker converge when siege N.Y.C.
Rated R for bloody creature violence, disturbing images, peril, terror, strong language, and some drug use and nudity.
101 min.
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An underwater earthquake frees a 256 foot prehistoric beast with 3 horns that flow with electricity. Its roar can blow an jet into space!
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this is not the real cast just my ideas
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a list a people who would make horror movie magic. please tell if any other people
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A list of antion movie stars that together would make an awsome action movie