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Just plain bad!, 28 April 2011

'The Other Guys' started with promise! Samuel.L.Jackson stole the show and his police partnership with Dwayne Johnson was brilliantly entertaining!

After about 15 minutes..this film became nothing more than dirt dry humour, cheap jokes and painfully bad acting! This film seems so low budget...but I just read that it had $100,000,000 and I really wonder where all the money went..because I'm sure it didn't go on the film! The actors gave a half hearted performance and it was so boringly irritating to watch, because of the lack of fun and originality that Will Ferrel as well as the other names usually provide.

'The Other guys', seemed more like a bunch of misfits, who never amount to much, instead of a thrilling comedy. There was no bond or chemistry between the main characters, and I was left waiting for something great to happen or develop...but this film just didn't deliver. There were so many different locations and every scene seemed like it seemed so random and so much could've been deleted.

I wouldn't recommend this film..just plain bad.

Norbit (2007)
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Everything about this movie was 'wong', 26 April 2011

Many viewers of this film were ranting and raving about how its one the funniest comedies they've ever seen, so I wanted to see if it really was as great as they were making out.

I have never felt so awkward when watching a film in my whole life. From start to finish, I never laughed once and it made me question the concept of a comedy.

Murphy, plays several characters (which he does in almost every film now) - Mr.Wong, Norbit and Norbit's girlfriend who later becomes his wife. This film is driven by cheap jokes, over the top rudeness and ridiculing everyone, which wasn't comical...just boring and offensive.

I felt that the way they treated the topic of bullying and children in care to be really insensitive and the movie angered and upset me, rather than entertained me. Never would I laugh at a baby being thrown out of a was just revolting to watch.

In some ways I would say not to view this film because it was so bad. However, I feel that people need to see how tragic and down right disgraceful this film is. 1/10

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This film will make you smile, laugh and want to shop!, 22 April 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic is a brilliantly funny film!

It is everything a chick flick should be! A really great script and the cast couldn't have been better. It makes you smile in right places, makes you upset in the right places and Rebecca Bloomwood, (who you can't help but fall in love with) is a character we can all relate to in so many ways.

The protagonist loves the feeling and process of buying materialistic things, (so much so that it becomes a dangerous obsession) and I feel that this film deals with it in such a fun and sensitive way, that you're praying things will turn out okay for her.

Rebecca seems like a genuinely great person with high ambitions, which we can empathise with. Through her cute comebacks and clumsiness, which is done to perfection, we build a friendship with her and realise she loves to shop..So what?! :)

From beginning to end you will be laughing, and I can't find anything bad to say about this film! It deserves more credit than it has received, it's one you can watch over and over! If you haven't seen it already, OH MY GOODNESS! :)

Mean Girls 2 (2011) (TV)
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Watching this could put you in A & E., 22 April 2011

Some TV films are actually great, but this was just GREATLY disappointing.

The trailer as well the cast list, gave me a clue about how terrible it was going to be, but I wanted to give it a chance because the first one is a stand out classic. You can tell Tina Fey did NOT have anything to do with this un'fetch'ing waste of time film, which is unworthy of being associated any where near Mean Girls.

The girls in this film, were vile, not mean. It seemed more like real life bullying, rather than physical and verbal comedy...and the amount of scenes they had with a bunch of extras laughing at someone who had been hurt was painful.

The main difference from the first film is that the main character has some guts, and starts a new group called the 'anti plastics', which she describes as an 'unoriginal name'...and she couldn't have been more accurate. It was a complete re hash of the first film, but without any originality.

I found it hard to laugh at anything,and I don't even want to get started on the character who tried to copy Karen from the first film. Instead of being funny and cute, she came across as plain stupid and possibly challenged.

1/10 from me, and if Lindsay Lohan or anyone from the original cast see this film..I hope it doesn't put them in A & E.

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Single White Female 2: The Fiasco, 22 April 2011

Single White Female 2: The Psycho, should be renamed : The Fiasco.

It began with some promise, and it was nice to see the sequel wasn't a carbon copy of the original.

However, my view of the film quickly changed. Never in my whole life have I witnessed such a terrible performance and production of a film. I'm aware it was a low budget film, but that is no excuse. Paranormal activity was a strong testament of how a low budget film can do well.

There was no sense of direction, every scene felt like it could've been removed - (because it didn't help develop the storyline) and there were enough plot holes to keep you buried in confusion.

None of the characters were explored in depth, and I didn't feel that the 'pyscho' showed any indication of being mental. The flashbacks were as puzzling as a pink zebra; they didn't relate to the film at all.

This is anything but a thriller, and I'm so disappointed because the 1992 film was great! This film is not worthy to have the title it has.

The Roommate (2011/I)
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Worth watching, but not worth watching again...., 20 April 2011

Many have critisised 'The Roommate' as being 'unoriginal'and'predictable' not realising that within this genre - these elements are hard to break from...and when so many films are categorised as a thriller, a low budget film isn't really going to stand out, if we're honest.

The main element missing, was of course the one of surprise. Up until the about 3/4 into the film, does it not feel like a usual university experience? (minus the pervy teacher and killings).

I watched this film to see if it was really as bad as people were making out, and in all honesty, I don't think it is. I have seen far worse than this...the only thing I'll say is it seems like a modern, but carbon copy of the 1992 phenomenal thriller 'Single White Female'.

6/10 from me, as the acting wasn't that bad. However there were so many unsolved questions, I was left puzzled at times.

Overall, I'd say...worth watching, but not worth watching again.

Scream 4 (2011)
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Guts, gore and begging for more., 15 April 2011

Scream 4, is a great way to welcome a contemporary audience to the horror franchise started more than a decade ago.

The film begins and ends with enough guts and gore to keep the audience begging for more.

I enjoyed the film, however, the 'who dunnit?' element, left a lot to be desired, and became rather comical.

Most of the characters worked well and were able to create suspense -though I just didn't feel terrified compared to Scream 1,and 2...though in it's own right, this film is worthy to be added to the Scream collection.