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The Switch (2010/I)
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pleasantly surprised, 15 April 2011

well, I rented this film only because it was the only one that I hadn't see from redbox. I usually do not like Jennifer Aniston in anything but the TV show Friends, and quite honestly she wasn't great but she certainly did not 'sneeze on the buffet'. It was Jason Bateman that really carried this film. He's a very under-rated actor. The film is about friend of the opposite sex, with one, the male of course, having more feelings than the other. When he finds out that she wants to have a baby and is looking for the perfect man for his sperm, he's hurt cause she didn't pick him. The film really explores parenthood in the modern age and also dynamics of friends, and even fatherhood. It's a comedy, but it has many dramatic and poignant elements to it. I'd recommend it.

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funny and clever, 15 April 2011

That last reviewer obviously has no sense of humor. Most of Woody Allen's newer films I don't care for, except the one with Penelope Cruz, in any case, this film "You will meet a tall dark stranger" is funny and clever and romantic. Anthony Hopkins whom after the "Hannibal" franchise seemed to become a caricature of himself, but in this film he is absolutely authentic, funny, and he did a wonderful job capturing the nuances of his character. Of course, Naomi Watts is always never seems to fail any of the characters that she plays. She's funny without overacting or "hamming" it up. Josh Brolin was fair to midland and the Indian actress for Slumdog Millionaire did nothing extraordinary. Overall the film really addresses the aging process and how we always seem to want more in life, regardless of what we have. I very universal element in life. Rent this and you'll laugh!