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Decent film but a bit boring at times. This is no Pumping Iron., 6 August 2015

First off, I must say that this movie is not very entertaining. I had to watch this movie in three sittings because I could only make it through about 30 minutes without busting out my iPad and surfing the net. It does not capture your attention and bring you on a journey like Pumping Iron did.

I lift regularly and get into bodybuilding every few years so I wanted to check this out. The last time I was into it Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler were having their rivalry so it was good to see who the current generation of guys are but really that was about all this movie was good for. It wasn't really entertaining. To be honest, it seems like they tried to cover too many guys and there wasn't enough time to really build a story. Obviously the showdown is between Heath and Kai but not much extra time is devoted to it. Maybe if they took a cue from Pumping Iron where 80% of the movie was about Lou vs. Arnold, they could have had something good here as Kai and Heath seem so different. I did really like Kai after seeing this film. The dude looks like a beast but to see him that he eats at home with chopsticks, does performance art on the streets and in the subways and paints really impressed me. He is definitely a renaissance man.

I agree with the other reviews here that gripe about the lack of steroid coverage. The movie is not an expose so I get why they didn't say much but when you have Heath claiming that only the bodybuilding community knows how to build muscle while losing fat and the blonde bald guy in Tampa saying the same sort of stuff, it seems the director should have called them out on it.

Instead you get a shot of a syringe in a dorm room fridge with Mickey Rourke saying that everyone refused to talk about GH and steroids and then Arnold saying that the reason no one is aesthetic anymore is because there no just using roids like back in the day but a lot of other drugs which allows people to get really oversized and super shredded. Other than that, nothing much else is said.

Bottom line: Only watch if you are into bodybuilding. Even then you'll get bored but it is still pretty interesting. 5/10

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Ummm... Where is the Pay-Off???, 25 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Disappointing. This movie is sub-par for a B-movie action flick. I was excited to see Tiger Claws since I love Bolo and Rothrock, but man this movie just flat out sucked my enthusiasm for the genre right out of me. It was so bad that I may never watch another Jalal Mehri film ever again. This is the second Mehri movie that I watched and both were pretty sad. The first was TC 2000 which was saved by Billy Blanks, Bolo and the unbelievably beautiful Bobbie Philips.

In Tiger Claws the acting is weak across the board. When Cynthia Rothrock is the best thespian in the cast you know you are in for a rough ride. Mehri of course is deadpan with no personality or charisma. Bolo is great as the villain but really just lurks around until the fight scene finale.

As far as the plot goes, it is similar to Blood Moon where some greatly skilled martial artist is killing all the big time celebrity and champion martial artists around town. Mid-way through the movie you learn that it is Bolo. Rothrock and Mehri are the detectives who find out that the killer practices Tiger Claw Kung Fu and track down his dojo.

All is well and good but you know what blows about the story line? You never find out why Bolo is killing everyone. They never give a motive. Where's the pay-off? Even on Scooby Doo you find out the antagonist's motives. At least with Blood Moon you find out that the killer was DQ'ed from an MMA tournament and wanted to kill all the participants (though you never find out why he has two prosthetic fingers).

Finally, the opening scene will throw you. Rothrock working vice dressed as prostitute with a black wig and sunglasses also sporting huge implants. During the scene I was wondering who the hot chick was, she looked fine. Then she walked down an alley where the rapist followed and she opened up her karate on him. After the fight was over she took off her glasses and wig and what do you know it was Cynthia Rothrock. I had no idea, this is the first movie that I had seen of hers where she is augmented. Nice.

As far as the overall movie though, it does stink. I love the No Retreat No Surrenders and the Hong Kong stuff that Rothrock has done but this Jalal Mehri took a decent premise and some good character actors and basically crapped the bed. Even the fight scenes are weak. Watch this movie only if you're a die hard Bolo or Rothrock fan. The middle 30 minutes slow and boring, so much that I found myself checking email and playing Dragon City on my Nexus... not a good sign.

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Depressing, Highly Effective and Great, 19 February 2013

I wasn't sure what to expect when my wife picked out this movie to watch but man was this movie ever thought provoking and interesting. What makes the film unique is that there is no narration or cuts to "experts" and hardly any interviews. The camera is more or less a fly on the wall. The only negative this is that the depressing music is cranked a little too high in the mix and is really obtrusive at times.

The movie covers prostitution in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. The documentary in specific looks at a midrange operation in Thailand and a sad and depressing filthy brothel in Bangladesh with young girls, and a low rent operation in Mexico. The movie is very effective.

Some complain that he isn't painting a fair picture of prostitution leaving out the nice clubs in Amsterdam and Nevada. In fact in the Mexican town you can see a big building in many scenes with the word Lipstick on it. This is a nice strip club with good looking girls who you can take upstairs for about five times what the girls who make it into the documentary charge, but instead he shows a sorry strip club with very disturbing looking girls and the low rent section of the Tolerance Zone with crack ladies of the night.

If he just showed the glitzy brothels, this movie wouldn't have nearly the same impact as it does. The Thai joint is the only glitzy joint here with hairdressers and makeup people dolling them up before the night. The Bangladesh and Mexican places don't even have running water and the girls are lucky if they even have a mirror.

Bottom line: this movie is really great. Even my wife liked it and she usually hates documentaries and anything with subtitles... I am glad that she picked it out. Only the music detracts from this moving documentary.

Spun (2002)
Awesome Realism + Damn Funny = Damn Good Movie, 10 May 2012

I started to watch this movie having no idea what it was about only that it had Mickey Rourke, who I am a fan of, and Brittney Murphy who my wife likes.

All I can say is that this movie is awesome. Yeah there isn't much of a story, it's just a four-day window on the lives of these freaks. Not much going on here storywise just people driving around, hanging out and spinning their wheels doing nothing. The only real story element is the drug raid towards the end of the film.

What makes this movie great is the acting, scenery and cinematography. After watching this film for a while you start to feel as if you're tweaking with the cast. Murphy and Rourke are great, I think that I just fell in love with Murphy after watching this. Also Leguizamo, who I normally can't stand (hated his one man show and the Mario Bros. movie) was incredible in here as Spider Mike. There is a lot of comedy here too that works.

It starts off a little slow but once the police raid story line comes in the movies gets 10 times more interesting and I couldn't stop watching. My wife on the other hand bailed after about thirty minutes since the movie seemed to be going nowhere and she was disgusted with the grotesque condition of the flop house, near vomit inducing. I stuck with it because of the great cinematography and I was falling for Murphy.

Bottom line: The movie takes a while to get going, but the cinematography, humor and accurate depiction of tweakers and flophouses keeps you on the hook until it gets interesting.

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Good Trucker Movie. We talking' Jerry Reed, Son., 23 April 2012

I can't see why people are downing this movie because it doesn't really fit in a genre like Action or Comedy. This is a movie, it tells a story, and some parts are funny, there is some action, there are some serious moments and it is a little dark. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll see some action.

Overall it's a story about a big trucking company trying to squash the independent truckers out of business with Jerry Reed and Peter Fonda fighting against The Man for all the colorful, CB jive talking' independents out there.

The main problem with the movie, in my eyes, is the dreary and bleak scenery and Jerry Reed's overuse of "Son" as a form of address. There are some parts of the plot that are weak and not well explained, like the female lead "Pick Up". She eats at truckstops with the truckers and is on the CB and acts like a trucker but she just drives a pick up truck with exhaust risers and a camper on back. What is her job? Just cruisin' the highways pretending to be a trucker? She almost seems like a trucker groupie/wannabe, a step up from a lot lizard. Also not clear is why the big trucking company wants the independent drivers to quit and start working for the big company. The independents still haul loads for The Man and have to pay his fees. It is never really made clear.

This movie was entertaining all the way through the only real downer was the scenery. Wherever they are up in Canada is dirty, snowy and downright depressing.

If you like trucker movies and Jerry Reed, give it a spin. It isn't as awesome as Convoy it still is a good view.

A Glimpse of Real 80's Spring Break with a Homo Vibe, 18 April 2012

First off, this movie is a decent, watchable teen sex comedy from the early 80's. Sure the jokes are a little lame by today's standards and it looks dated but this movie brought back memories of mid-80's Spring Breaks. It is fairly similar to what I experienced Spring Breaking in Panama City, Florida. The wet T-shirt contests, hot legs and hot buns contests, the clubs with pools and the emcees narrating the contests. It's all in here. So if you're looking for a good time capsule of 80's spring break, this is it.

There's a little T&A here, nothing serious. The strangest part about this movie are the four leads who end up having to share a hotel room, the two cool guys and the two nerds. Although they are all about scoring with the ladies, they do give off a very homo/fem vibe. Almost like watching the chicks from Sex and the City at spring break. For example, right after they all meet the cool Italian guy strips down to a speedo with his pubes going all over. Then the next morning they are all crammed in the little bathroom, one showering, one brushing teeth, one shaving and one dropping a deuce on the toilet. Then when they go out they all stay together drinking and hugging, go to the bathroom together, etc. They act more like girls going out rather than guys. Maybe the movie was written by a woman.

The main focus of the movie is the nerdiest one trying to lose his virginity to a pretty nerd girl who has a hot body and loves video games. The movie is nice in that the cool guys give tips to the nerds and try to help them get laid. This is a feel good movie for sure.

Bottom line: A step back in time to what it was really like in Florida at Spring Break in the early 80's. Mildly amusing and entertaining. Highly Watchable when nothing else good is on.

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Nerd Exploitation, Mildly Entertaining, King of Kong kills this Doc, 23 March 2012

I decided to watch this movie since I totally dug King of Kong, but was ultimately let down by the way it was directed. The reason why King of Kong worked was because it was a documentary with a story. There was a hero, a villain and his minions, a showdown at the end the didn't take place but still some action happening.

This movie is a straight documentary that just shows us some old footage and photos, takes a peek into the current lives of these high scorers and shows us a lot of the Twin Galaxies guy who looks a lot like Ezra Cobb from the old 1970's Deranged movie.

My main problem is the direction of this documentary. It seems that the director thought that it'd entertaining just to exploit these video game nerds. He lets the camera linger while they laugh like nerds, shows us how most still live with their parents, one has hundreds of pet spiders and lizards, one has a mail order Mexican girlfriend. I think this all has been done before in Revenge of the Nerds but better. Here in Chasing Ghosts it isn't funny, it is disturbing and sad. It is really telling that there is not one normal guy here except for the old Berzerk / Ham Radio guy who is about 20 years older than all the other guys who were teens in the early 80's.

They really build up the suspense when they first show Billy Mitchell, the villain from King of Kong. Showing shots of his jeans, belt and hair before showing his face. He looks like more of a loser here, not as menacing as he did in the other movie although he does brag about how his restaurant was the first to bring hot wings to Florida.

Bottom line: the movie is watchable and a little interesting but more than likely you'll just come away depressed from watching how sad these people turned out. I'm sure the director thought that it'd be funny to show how nerdy these guys are and how most still live with their parents but in the end it is just sad and depressing.

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It stinks and is truly stupid., 22 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Somehow I missed Wrong Turn 3. I really liked WT1 it was good and sort of like a Hills Have Eyes meets Deliverance vibe. WT2 was pretty good with Henry Rollins running the "Survivor" reality show in the backwoods. Then I saw this movie...

The movie starts out great with the deformed inmates overrunning the asylum. I love insane asylum movies, throw in a freakshow and I am there dude.

The "college" students look to be thirtysomething. The college victims are six hot pornesque chicks and three or four dopey guys. I must agree with the other comments. It is 2011, everyone has GPS on their phones. These guys aren't going to even have a google maps printout to the cabin? The height of stupidity occurs when the college kids manage to capture the whacky hillbillies and have them locked in a jail cell. The last remaining guy throws kerosene everywhere and is set to burn the cannibal freaks but the lead chick puts a stop to it saying that it is immoral and that they shouldn't sink to the hillbillies' level. Mind you, this is after she has witnessed the freaks pull the head off of her friend, after they rolled out her boyfriend's head like a bowling ball across the assembly hall and after she's witnessed the freaks slicing off pieces of flesh from her other friend, while he was alive, and flash frying it with potatoes and onions and eating it in front of him while the other are filleting him alive.

Of course, they escape the cell and mutilate everyone. Honestly after that stupid lead chick decided not to kill the crazies, I wanted all of the college kids to get eaten.

Good setting, bad movie, bad acting all the way around. Don't bother watching this one. If you liked the first two, this will be a big disappointment.

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Needs more Evil and Destruction from Diesel 10, 20 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ever since seeing Misty Island Rescue last spring with Diesel 10 coming into the last scene and vowing revenge, I've been flat out excited about seeing Day of the Diesels and Diesel 10 get his revenge. Diesel 10 is by far my favorite character on the show. My son loves him too so when I realized that it was fall already I remembered about the movie and took my kid down to the store to buy it. Both of us were excited about watching it.

It starts out great. There is a big fire on Sodor and all of a sudden Belle the fire engine train pulls up out of nowhere and just starts hosing down the flames. Everyone is impressed. Sir Topham Hat acts surprised, he didn't know that there was a fire fighting train on the island. Stop right here. This ignorance by Topham Hat plagues the movie and just isn't in his character and just doesn't make sense. He owns the railway on Sodor and the docks, how can this "rogue" fire fighting train be running about the island getting fueled up with coal and water all unnoticed. I think that the writers were quite a bit lazy here and didn't want to give a back story to Belle. Okay back to the story. After Belle's brilliance Topham Hat expresses his desire for another fire fighter. Belle recommends her buddy Flynn who is a high-rail vehicle that can ride on the rails or on pavement.

Thomas is infatuated with Belle and spends all of his time with her and Flynn leaving his best friend Percy in the cold. Diesel, apparently acting on orders from Diesel 10, senses Percy's weakness and works his way in telling Percy that he should hang with the diesels because they would have time for him and treat him real special. Eventually Diesel's manipulation works and Percy finds himself rolling into the Diesel Works. If ever any of you have had any doubt as to whether or not there was racist implications to Thomas and Friends, your doubt will be erased here. Of course there are Thomas' comments about diesels being "dirty and devious" and "never go to the Diesel Works," that is expected. However it is the visage of the Diesel Works that will erase any and all doubt. The Diesel Works are on the "other" side of the island, and when Percy rolls through its gates are we in for a treat. The Diesel Works is a shanty building constructed of corrugate metal in a haphazard fashion. Every building is run down and dilapidated. Burned out cars and other junk litter the entrance to the home of the diesels and there are even rats shown moving about. Percy is scared, and why not he just entered the ghetto. Cabrini Green, Magnolia, Treme. The effect is not subtle.

As Percy drives up to the main structure, he is greeted by Diesel 10. Yes! This time they used a much better voice actor than in Magic Railway. Diesel 10 now has affected English accent reminiscent of the stereotypical homosexual villains of the past (think Malcolm McDowell in Blue Thunder). Much better than the dumb Brooklyn accent that he had in Magic Railway. So this new, improved Diesel 10 with 20% more evil shows Percy how Topham Hat has neglected the diesels and their Diesel Works. They can't fix themselves because the crane is broken and they don't have essential equipment. Again, here is where the writers were just plain lazy. Why would Topham Hat neglect his diesels and not give them equipment necessary for repairs and maintenance? I mean they are on his railway and the friendly diesels like Mavis, and Salty are just about every show. Why would he want them to fall into disrepair? By the way they are hanging with Diesel 10 at the works.

So Diesel 10 pleads his case for a new Diesel Works to Percy who agrees that it isn't fair that the facilities for the diesels are deplorable. Percy tells Diesel 10 that he will give the information to Thomas who will then in turn tell Sir Topham Hat about the need for updated diesel facilities. Apparently Thomas' word carries a lot of weight on Sodor.

Meanwhile, Percy gets Kevin to fill in for the broken crane at the Diesel Works. Then all hell breaks loose as Thomas and Victor go to retrieve Kevin. That is when Diesel 10 and crew decide to take over the Steam Works as it lies vacant. Here is where the movie gets disappointing.

The diesels end up just playing in the Steam Works spinning fast on the turntable, lifting each other with the crane and just goofing off. I really thought that they were going to trash the place and burn it down to the ground. That is where it looked where it was headed since Diesel 10 had one of his henchmen incapacitate Flynn by stealing his fire-hose. Disappointing indeed.

The final disappointment is when Sir Topham Hat arrives at the Steam Works to put a stop to the shenanigans. He scolds Diesel 10 who cowers at Hat's stern voice. I was under the impression that Diesel 10 was his own man and didn't follow anyone's rules. Apparently he is just another slave on the plantation.

I won't give away the big happy ending but while the movie looks great and Diesel 10 shows potential, it is ultimately a disappointment in my eyes. When are we going to see a truly evil Diesel 10 who maims Sir Topham Hat and destroys a few of the goody goody steamies? I thought this movie was going to be it, but it is not. Let me just add that while I was let down by the movie my kid loves and has already watched it 20 times. Great for kids but not for adults hoping for evil and terror on the island of Sodor.

Ocean's 11 (1960)
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This movie stinks but looks cool., 16 September 2011

I first saw this movie when I was a little kid. Being a big Sinatra fan and a lover of 60's and 70's movies I watched it again last night. I remembered loving it as a kid but now I have to say that this movie stinks.

Sure it looks all 60's cool and has Sinatra, Martin, and Davis but honestly it was Cesar Romero who stole the show. Romero housed every member of the rat pack. This guy was on a different level from the rest of the cast and it showed. Sinatra was phoning it in as was Martin. The only guys even trying to act were Davis and Lawford. After the film was over I had a new found respect for Cesar Romero.

Okay now that I've crapped on the acting which was mediocre with the exception of Cesar R. I really have to crap on the writing, but this is more like something after eating five black bean burritos with chiles and a quart of Mexican tap water.

Who is the Greek guy? Why is he even in the film? It looks like Sinatra has the thing planned out what did this guy do? I guess he was there for comic relief but not only was he annoying but his purpose is never really explained. Why would the 11 cut him in, he didn't do anything.

Next, you mean to tell me that there is no security in the money room at a casino. I mean basically these guys turn off the lights and only have to subdue one or two money counters before getting to the safe at each casino. I can suspend my disbelief as much as the next guy but you'd have to be brain dead to buy into this part of the story.

Finally, the Ocean's 11 gang are spread out from Phoenix to Salt Lake, to San Francisco and Los Angeles. The gang descends on Vegas to pull the heist but then as a matter of coincidence everybody's mistress, mom and fiancé also decide to go to Vegas for the New Year's festivities, to throw a monkey wrench in the heist and put Cesar Romero on the case. The script is weak. Decent story but the execution is lame from the get go.

After seeing so many rave reviews for this flick I just had to chime in. Giving it a 9 out of 10 because this "isn't supposed to be a good movie" is a sorry excuse. So is the lame excuse "hey these guys are just being themselves and goofing off like they do when the cameras aren't rolling." To my eyes the Rat Pack weren't having fun. They looked bored and like they were all mailing it in. Looks more like they had a contractual obligation to make this flick and they didn't put any effort into it. Like I said the only guys trying were Sammy Davis Jr, and the scene stealing Cesar Romero.

As a heist film this movie stinks. Rating 1/10 Good premise, that's it. Acting stinks for the most part: 3/10 (Cesar gets an 11/10.) Script: 0/10 Style Points: 8/10 pretty cool display of 60's cool. Needed more exteriors and cars to bring it to 10/10 the sets were cheap too.

Overall a 4/10 for me. Sinatra and gang normally cool but are borderline lame in this movie and it's the script that should have been put in that casket with Richard Conte, not the mony.

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