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The stench of corruption, 17 June 2012

" Elite Squad", is a powerful and controversial crime drama from Brasil. The immense poverty, corruption on every level and every segment of society,hopelessness of the impoverished in the slums of Rio. This violent and unflinching portrayal of the contemporary Brasil, leaves no prisoners and stirs strong feelings. Some of the critics abhor the "fascist and right-wing politics" of the director. I couldn't disagree more. As an unapologetic liberal. I am sensitive to populist and extremist garbage. This movie is not that. Quite the opposite. It is an honest and uncompromising look at the consequences of the corrupt political system. People without hope do desperate things.Lets avoid that path while we still have a fighting chance.

Farewell (2009)
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Brilliant, 11 June 2012

What a brilliant movie. Spies, lies,twisted mind games. No explosions, no bullets, no exciting background music, no old hat tricks. Inspite of that, or better, because of that, tense, suspenseful and original movie. Real spies are not superheroes, flying through the air, ducking hundreds of bullets, overpowering dozens of villains with their martial arts skills unparalleled in the universe. Most of the time they happen to be, timid or coerced or dedicated to a cause. Their job is not glamorous, they scurry like rats in a dark alley, they sweat and smell,sometimes they live, most of the time they die. Finally the real spy movie, deep and harsh, leaving the sickening feeling. As usual the decent, courageous people get shoved aside or get killed for a higher cause- saving some ambitious creep's ass.

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It fizzled, 4 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The well to do, middle-aged American couple, seems to be in a middle of a marital crisis. The husband is in love with a much younger women and seeks complete happiness. Well it has to be a fly in that particular ointment. " Married Life" tries to be a clever pastiche set in 1949, when women were glamorous and desperately needed protection, or that's what martini swilling, two pack a day smoking men,liked to think. So, the movie tries to be smart and amusing and a bit suspenseful, but it fails in that endeavor. With all the stirred emotions and betrayals and deceptions, in the end it doesn't go anywhere. It just fizzles and expects us to feel buzzed and refreshed.Sorry, I definitely wasn't.

The Method (2005)
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Sickening, 28 May 2012

The world we live in, and the lives wasted. The insulated business high rise surrounded by anti-MMF protesters. Seven candidates and only one executive position. " The Method" is a brilliant satire on the crumbling, but blissfully unaware of it , world of big corporation mafia. Greed, naked ambition and an incredible lack of self-respect, and the belief that everything is for sale, just name the price. Seven smart, educated, successful professionals and who wins? First two eliminated are the two of the most stature and quality. But today world has no time for people like that. Principals might just get in a way of profit and the future of the company. Sickening and sad beyond words. Life, this short, fragile special gift wasted for little more than self-delusion and a bit of money. Oh, I forget, they call that progress.

Inside Job (2010)
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Complete lunacy, 21 May 2012

You would have to be completely blind in your party loyalty to call this movie liberal propaganda. I became a liberal, because of the things that this movie is talking about. So, slowly but surely, people who control our money, our loans and retirement, hence our lives and futures, managed to corrupt our whole political system. They bought our senators and representatives, the Supreme Court heavily tilts to their side, the press and the media are of no help. What I found to be the most discouraging is that the lobbyists and the bank industry in the end destroyed and corrupted the Academia, the top schools in the country. It was disgusting seeing the elite professors of economy and business uncomfortable discussing their immoral connections with big business and bankers. These professors were the biggest disappointment. I didn't expect much from politicians and money lenders ( we now what Jesus thought of them), but I had more faith in the intelligentsia. How silly of me.

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Missing something, 6 May 2012

Sicily and mafia. It would be a first thought an average person would have, however unjust or unfair it might be. " The Sicilian Girl" is a strange, a bit clunky movie, torn between the court drama and passionate bloody opera. The medieval, macabre, isolated world of rural Sicily, with its outdated sense of honor and codes of conduct, that nobody else would understand or relate to. The heroine of this movie is a strong willed, privileged young woman, trying to avenge the death of her father and brother. Gradually, she manages to accept the fact that they both, were criminals, like the people she hated. The movie is missing something hard to explain,firmer shape, and there is a bad choice of casting the unfortunate leading actress prone to overacting.

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Brilliant movie, 30 April 2012

Ken Loach might be a self-proclaimed socialist( and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in my mind), but he is, in the same time, one of the best directors in Great Britain. " Wind That Shakes the Barley" is a strong indictment of war and bloodshed and the shameful British involvement in Ireland. The nation that invented ethnic cleansing and committed numerous act of genocide all over the world, was trying to teach a lesson in justice and peace in the Balkans. It would be funny if it wasn't tragic.But that's a different story. This brilliant movie, filmed perfectly and with one of the best casts I ever saw, strikes a right note and leads us slowly through British oppression to Irish civil war.From crime to tragedy.

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Accurate, 22 April 2012

Swedes and the Crusades. Scandinavian knight templars. Little odd, at first, but historically accurate. It is only late 12th century after all. "Arn the Knight Templar", has all the perfect ingredients for an exciting yarn about the times of yore. Romantic, albeit violent story about separated lovers, beautifully filmed battle scenes, international cast of excellent actors. But, I soon realized that I am not watching the intended mini series of three episodes, but a two hour movie. Still, a very good movie, but, as all edited to a shorter format movies, little rushed and illogical. That would happen when you try to condense five hours to two. And , in the end, it was a great surprise to see in a brilliant supporting part great Bibi Andersson, as evil Mother Rakissa. She is much older than in the old Bergmann days, but still a marvelous actress.

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Self-involved, 15 April 2012

" Perrier's Bounty", charming little caper had more potential then result. Dark, off-beat comedy or thriller ( depends on the outlook), has a lot of promise, but , unfortunately, delivers way less than expected. Grant it, it has an interesting idea, quirky direction, exceptional cast filled with marvelous British actors. But... the movie is little too self-involved and quite a lot in love with itself. In effort to be original and unique, it just went too far. We have viscous dogs and gay gangsters and love interest and the estranged parents, and much more of the same, perhaps original, but nevertheless messy and illogical details. It distracted itself from the main purpose, to tell a story.

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Heartbreaking urgency, 9 April 2012

Robert Mugabe, the post-colonial leader of Zimbabwe, was in the very beginning praised and lavishly awarded with honorary doctorates. He wasn't a communist and that was the only important thing for the Western powers. Hence, the enthusiastic support of all the murderers in the Latin America. Unfortunately, but quite commonly, the liberator of Zimbabwe became its dictator and tormentor. Even now at 88, he desperately clings to power. This is a story of the horrible plight of the family of white African farmers, who despite of the hopeless situation fight for their bare existence. The movie is powerful and its shaken camera work due to dangerous circumstances, just adds to this horrific story, the heartbreaking urgency.

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