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Powerful Stuff, 25 June 2013

I am not surprised that quite a few of the movie watchers have hard time with this flick. If you are addicted to car chases, random explosions and endless and mindless entertainment, this is definitely not the right movie for you. I, myself can't abide Hollywood garbage. So, I reach out to the rest of the world for quality art movies." The Young Lieutenant" is a perfect little gem of a movie. Even without all the obvious staples of the genre, there is more power and emotion in every single scene than in all of the stupid, badly written, computer generated Hollywood excuses for a movie together. Great actors and strong raw feelings and life as it is, without adornment. I am happy with that.

"Wired" (2008)
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Run of the mill, 16 June 2013

As an avid fan of things British, I feel more than slightly disappointed with this bit of fluff. Obviously, it was supposed to be a serious, tout thriller set in the financial world of high banking, where different kind of gangsters perform their crimes with very little or no punishment. Unfortunately, it was deeply flawed in it's badly written one-dimensional characters. There are bunch of cartoonish villains, some wooden policemen and incredibly irritating leading female character, that one just couldn't care less about. It is hard to feel excitement and compassion for cardboard figures so far removed from anything remotely connected with real life. And I couldn't and I didn't. It was just passable two hours and 15 minutes and nothing else.

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Harsh Picture, 9 June 2013

When you think of Belgium, many things might pop to your mind, but certainly not this harsh comedy-drama about the dysfunction that tops all disfunctions. The Strobbes, working (although almost nobody is working),class family consists of 4 loutish sons, stoic mother and the 13-year old son of one of the brothers, with more potential than all of them together. And there is almost nothing else but excessive drinking, and all the things that come with it. Cruelty, violence, hangover and such a waste of both lives and space. This is harsh picture of a family, that doesn't know how else to connect but through getting smashed. The scene that stands out is incredibly hard to watch. When the boys father comes from rehab for a weekend, healthier and stronger, his brothers slowly draw him back to the pit he tried to escape. Strange and disturbing movie, but I have a feeling one that you don't forget soon.

Precious (2009/II)
Powerhouse Acting, 26 May 2013

Every now and then Hollywood manages to forget about it's only goal, to produce mindless drivel for the maximum profit, and surprises even itself." Precious" is a simple, horrifying, almost documentary slice of a nightmare of life. Illiterate 16-year old girl, impregnated for the second time by her father, abused on daily basis by her monstrous mother, desperately trying to find her way. To call this movie heartbreaking would be an understatement. Such a horrific topic could so easily slip into melodrama. Fortunately the deft hand of the director Lee Daniels avoids all the traps and draws marvelous performances. The first time actress Gabourey Sidibe plays perfectly this difficult role with an admirable subtlety. And what to say about Mo'Nique. Mary is one of the wickedest women ever portrayed in the movie. Mo'Nique goes all the way, with fierce abandon, to coldly dissect her own character in the end. Powerhouse acting and no vanity. Such a change.

Undertow (2009)
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Quietly Powerful, 19 May 2013

" Undertow", gut-wrenching and quietly powerful Peruvian movie, brings back the faith in the power of story telling. This forgotten art seems to have passed by most of our contemporary film-makers. Luckily it didn't Javier Funtes-Leon. Small fishing village seemingly locked in time capsule. Grueling work, old-time believes, church on Sundays and communal meal after. Everybody knows everybody, or do they? Small towns, like little tribes, include all members of its community.Up to a point. As long as you play by their traditional rules, you'll be fine. But, just try to step out of the rhythm of the tribal tune, and they turn on you. Of course, this is a movie about a repression of gay people and the horrors they have to endure just because they are different. But, it is so much more. The indictment of empty traditions, false morals and greatest possible cheer for personal courage. This is the life we have, these are the cards we are dealt and play we must.With our head up high and damn the consequences, or hiding and trying to please all but yourself. Doesn't seems such a hard choice to me, or is it?

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Different Story, 6 May 2013

I am sure that Hitler didn't expect, that the most Arian of all Arians, Scandinavian people, show much dissent to the Nazi regime. After all in his delusional world of Wagnerian bloody operas mixed in with horrific reality, there was not much room for logic. On the other hand poor Norwegians got saddled with Vidkun Quisling, shameful collaborator, to give the new name to all future traitors. " Max Manus" tells a different story, of proud, patriotic young men with utmost desire to wipe the shame of treachery and fight for their country. The long bloody war will decimate them, and the survivors will slowly continue reliving the horrors. Thankfully, this movie doesn't forget that heroes can suffer too, even more than passive victims.

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Dreadful, 28 April 2013

I happen to be a big fan of British period dramas. Of course, when they are done well. Alas, this is a dreadful mess of a movie. Almost nothing makes any sense whatsoever. To begin with the obvious, what in the world possessed the director to film with the drunken, skewed camera lenses. After ten minutes of watching, one feels noxious. Then the characters, randomly walking around, tattling some nonsensical lines, and not a one of them looks real. Next, for example, complete lack of suspense or logic. Pro-Nazi supporters among the British upper classes are a well known fact, but that part of history deserves serious handling. This Gothic, under-thought dribble is a huge disappointment.

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Explosive Mixture, 21 April 2013

Ah, the magic and confusing explosive mixture of machismo and sexuality!!! There is no other institution with such discomfort at the mention of homosexuality, than the military. It certainly makes a lot of sense. If your purpose is spilling of the blood, what do you do with arousal and men loving ? Well, the skinheads are based on the same false patriotic and quasi-military principals. Shaved heads, extremely tight pants, loud music, cheap beer, and almost exclusively male company.No surprise than, that Lars and Jimmy hit it off so well nor that it ended so badly. Nothing filthier than moronic notions of purity, racial or sexual. The nature of humankind is exactly the lack of purity and aching imperfection of us all. Whenever you try to take that away, you destroy the essence of our existence.where do you go after that?

Protektor (2009)
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Stylish, 14 April 2013

"Protektor" is fortunately not just another Holocaust movie. Since "Schindler's List", most of other attempts to grapple with this horrible blight to humanity, fell short. Perhaps Steven Spielberg made the ultimate Holocaust movie. Director Marek Najbrt, luckily comes up with a fresh idea. His stylish film-noir, filmed beautifully, is more than anything else, a treatise on the nature of collaboration. It is easy to simplify matters and judge with the righteous indignation those who served the losing side. People do it for variety of reasons, fear, money, blackmail or the sweet arousal of power. And some, like increasingly, as movie goes, dis likable Emil, manage to convince themselves that there is no other choice. But, there always is, even if it means pain and sacrifice. Some other Emil will ardently serve similar masters in different uniforms, only few years later. Alas, that is the nature of humanity. As long as there is, a heavy boot of oppression, there will be enthusiastic servitude of shoe-shiners.

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The Extremes, 9 April 2013

Obviously, the opinions about this powerful documentary will be sharply divided. Liberals, and proudly I am one of them, will approve and cheer, and conservatives will call it communist propaganda and other such drivel. I lived in both communist and capitalist society. With the incredible youthful passion I fought communism and it's limits on free speech and artistic expression. And over 22 years ago I immigrated to the USA. And, it was a sobering experience. There is a freedom of speech, nobody limits the artistic expression( mostly because nobody gives a damn about art-the dying form). And there is the most troubling of all for me. The mighty dollar, the only pertinent thing. It really is all about money. Everything else takes the back seat. The extremes of socialism didn't work, because repression doesn't last forever, but, on the other hand, the extremes of ruthless, greedy capitalism, do not work either. The culture of ME,ME,ME is ultimately barren and lonely, and the impoverished will eventually rise up in arms, and who wants that. Nobody reads the dusty volumes of history books. If they were, we might be living in a different world.

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