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I am no authority on Documentary films. These are just the films I have seen so far. As always films are not listed in any particular order. Opinions and suggestions will be appreciated.
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Probably the hardest job for a new filmmaker is to make a cracker of an entry. It's not easy at all, especially when we look at the debut films of some of the greatest filmmakers. For this list only first feature length films (fiction/documentary) were considered, the only exception is Cocteau's 'Blood Of A Poet'. The two major factors considered were the value of the films and the impact they made for their makers. Some brilliant films are missing e.g. Duel (Spielberg) or Papi, Luci, Bom (Almodovar) among others, simply because they were not first feature length films of the said directors. The net would like you to believe otherwise though.

Following are the honorable mentions which did not make the cut:
1.A Stranger Of Mine - Kenji Uchida
2.George Washington - David Gordon Green
3.Metropolitan - Whit Stillman
4.Tyrannosaur - Paddy Considine
5.The Cell - Tarsem Singh
6.District 9 - Neil Blomkamp
7.The Apple - Samira Makhmalbaf
8.Away From Her - Sarah Polley
9.Big Night - Stanley Tucci, Campbell Scott
10.Man Push Cart - Ramin Bahrani
11.Control- Anton Corbijn
12.Ajami- Scander Copti, Yaron Shani
13.Jellyfish - Shira Geffen, Etgar Keret
14.Maria Full Of Grace - Joshua Marston
15.Paranormal Activity - Oren Peli

Like all lists, this one too is subjective.
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"Bollywood"....a self-derogatory and insulting term coined by the Bombay Film Industry to describe themselves, in a tasteless effort to compare themselves with "Hollywood". Needless to say therefore, that majority of the films which they churn out, year after year, are just product of shameless plagiarism. Films which are not lifted from other sources are almost always worthless. After being fed on this on-going rubbish for years after years, people now do not know how to distinguish a good film from a bad film; they were never given a chance to develop a good taste. No one really cares, be it the industry people or the audience. Film as a business is doing really great in India, but film as an artistic expression is almost non-existent. Plagiarized films like “Black” and “Bheja Fry” are considered to be achievements. The audience has no idea that they are being scammed and cheated by the film-makers and are happy to shell out their hard-earned money to watch these films made on stolen plots. Once in a blue moon there comes a refreshingly original film, e.g. Udaan, but they are so rare that they can be considered as negligible exceptions. Majority of the Indian audience are unaware of films by Ray, Ghatak, Sathyu, G. Aravindan, Gopalakrishnan, Kasaravalli, Shaji Karun, Jhanu Barua among others (forget Bergman, Tarkovsky, Mizoguchi, lol). After going through numerous lists of Indian films (mostly Bollywood, hence nothing to talk about) on IMDb, I came across maybe a couple of lists which had the genuine intent to portray quality Indian films (and I appreciate their effort), but I was not completely satisfied. And that’s when I decided to publish my own list of Indian cinema. This is my humble effort to present the truly artistic, original, uncompromising and exceptional (and in some case almost unknown gems) films from India, which represent the whole of India(not just Mumbai) irrespective of language and style, and undoubtedly beyond the offensive and limiting term of “Bollywood”. I hope this list comes in handy for film students like me doing research on Indian cinematic art, and other film connoisseurs in India and abroad. Fans of Bollywood, nothing against you personally, Cinema just means different things to us.

P.S. Few of the films are not of purely Indian origin as they are produced by other countries, but the films are Indian in content and subject matter. Also featured on this list are 6 TV series, which were incredibly well made IMO, therefore deserve their place in Indian Panorama.
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This is just the beginning....I have a long way to go to explore the Czech cinematic art comprehensively.....
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Webster defines "Surrealism" as " the principles, ideals, or practice of producing fantastic or incongruous imagery or effects in art, literature, film, or theater by means of unnatural or irrational juxtapositions and combinations". However it is a matter of debate to decide which films are truly surreal and which are not. Without getting into that debate and making it clear that this is not a list of films of the original surrealist movement, I present this list to you, which I felt were surreal or had surreal touches in their own terms. Your opinion on this will be appreciated........

P.S. I have added a few more films on this now its a 100+ list.
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Some films on this lists are, strictly speaking, not Indian by origin, e.g. Mississippi Masala, Outsourced, Amal etc. But all of them have strong Indian content and Indian connections. The sole purpose of this list is to establish that Indianness which is omnipresent in these films and to bring them under one list. Readers are requested to consider the word Indian in that context and not as Country of Origin.
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The first ten entries are absolute favorites and the order is set in stone. Remaining entries on the list are in no particular order, though I have tried to consider seniority. All the directors are represented with a minimum of 2 films each, which I have seen.
The following directors very closely missed the 100 mark:
Jiri Menzel
Andrei Zulawski
Nicholas Roeg
Ermanno Olmi
Victor Erice
Semih Kaplanoglu
Vincent Gallo
Jafar Panahi
Asghar Farhadi
Fatih Akin
Susan Bier
Klauss Haro
Zeki Demirkubuz
Chan Wook Park
Tsai Ming Liang
Hou Hsiao-hsien
Carlos Reygadas
Bruno Dumont
Darezhan Omirbayev
Zhang Ke Jia
Takashi Miike
Yimou Zhang
Chang Dong Lee
Wes Anderson
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I consider myself a student of Andrei Tarkovsky, and I wholeheartedly think he is the greatest and most original film director ever. And yet I dont agree with him sometimes, though I am sure he had his reasons.
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I owe this list to Harry Tuttle. His blog has been a major source of information to me like many others, regarding CCC. Yet I did not keep the guidelines too stringent as Harry would prefer. So quite possibly, the presence of some films here might be debatable. I tried to keep a broader perspective on this topic. Nevertheless this is the kind of cinema which stimulates me and inspires me and hopefully will determine the path I take in my career. I have not seen all of these films featured here so some are here by their reputation. Please suggest the names of the films you think fit the bill and should be added here. Also let us know if you think any film is misrepresented on this list. Share your opinion about your experience so far with Contemplative Cinema.
P.S. The films are not represented chronologically or rankwise.
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My favorite 100 acting performances by both male and female actors. The listing is in no particular order (deliberately random to avoid any sort of ranking). Each actor is represented by a single performance. There are many many wonderful performances both old and recent which unfortunately I could not accommodate as I chose to list only 100.
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Style! Be it a minimalist poker-face comedy, or a hardcore bad@ss gangster film. A sweaty Western, or a Samurai saga. Every film mentioned here kicks some 'Major@ss'. So be assured for a 'Groovy' ride. Because 'Coolness' was the only benchmark for this list

It was difficult to keep it at a bare minimum of 50. Had to exclude so many favorites, films that anyone would call "Cool". Maybe later, I'll increase the list to 100. What are your favorite cool movies? Don't forget to mention them.
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Hi everyone, I am an avid cinephile and here is a list of films which I believe had helped me acquire a better taste in cinema. I am indebted to all these great masterpieces and the artists behind them. Many of the films listed here can be found in the book "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die", purely because I use that catalog as my guide. This isn’t any “The Ultimate” or “The Greatest” or “The Top” listing or any such futile attempt, neither it is any snobbish attempt to prove any superiority of taste or ideology (to each her/his own). It’s just a personal tribute to these films and their makers as I do acknowledge their influence and importance on myself. Selection of films are not definitive, hence may change at any point (there are too many films to watch and there will be new landmarks too). The titles are presented chronologically. I have added the Rotten Tomatoes Score to give a rough idea of critical opinion, though in many cases I had completely opposite opinions. Comments, views, suggestions and healthy discussions will be highly appreciated. Hope you enjoy going through the list.
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Just for reference...
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The concluding but ever-changing list. Some of the films may not be of the highest artistic value but they are my personal favorite e.g. Babe or Last Days etc, so could not ignore them. Discussions and different opinions will be appreciated and valued.
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This list is made up of movie posters exclusively. It is in no particular order as I hate order and rank etc. The posters are chosen based on their instant appeal and not meticulous research and analysis, so its just a loose casual fun list.....don't read too much into it :D

P.S. Many great posters could not be accommodated as either IMDb does not have them or they are of very low resolution. Also DVD covers are excluded as there is a separate list for that, here is the link:
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This continuing list is made up of mostly DVD covers and some movie posters. Again it is in no particular order as I hate order and rank etc. The posters are chosen based on their instant appeal and not meticulous research and analysis, so its just a loose casual fun list....
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The majority who have watched these films (maybe numerous times), these characters will surely bring a smile on their faces. Those who are not familiar with some of the characters mentioned here, I hope this list will inspire you to watch those movies :D
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