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Best British comedy in years, 19 February 2007

This is the best British comedy in ages. Hidden away on BBC 3 im guessing not many people saw this but its a very funny show. It centers around 2 criminals called Ollie and Bex and their escapades. Bex is the brains and Ollie is the stupid one and DS Haynes is the cop always trying to catch them. Despite them being criminals they are both very likable characters, especially Ollie who comes out with some random stuff. Other characters come and go and add some funny situations but its Ollie and Bex who are the stars of the show im not going to say much more as i don't want to give away any plots but this is a very funny show and i recommend that you catch it YOU'LL LOVE IT

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Brilliant, 22 June 2004

This is a Brilliant movie. which is very underated the cast is superb especially Rory Cochrane as lucas and Ethan Embry as mark. this is a movie everyone should see at least once.

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what happened, 20 April 2004

kill bill volume 1 is a fantasic movie but number 2 is truley awful i am sorry but it should have stayed as 1 movie mirimax really messed up this one.i mean the movies together would probably been an alright movie butt number 2 on its own is not good a big thumbs down from me. Quentin i am a big fan of yours but volume 2 is not upto your usual standard

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terrible, 11 January 2004

i really wanted this to be good as i am from Liverpool where it is set but it truly awful. the acting from everyone involved is cringeworthy the script is terrible absolutly terrible. terrible

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Great movie, 28 October 2003

This is such a great movie I have now seen it 4 times. I think to really like this movie you have to be a fan of the japanese/Chinese movies on which it is based on. Forget the plot and enjoy the movie. everyone go see it NOW

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nothing like his life, 21 October 2003

Having bought and watched the special edition dvd boxset i was watching the extras and listing to all the interviews i came to realise that this movie has nothing to do with actual events that happened in his life. It is a disgrace that hollywood has fictionalised this legends life for the purpose of making money.

8 Women (2002)
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Fantastic Movie, 10 September 2003

I only chose to watch this because there was no other good movies released at my local video shop that week that where any good so i picked this up and decided to give it a go and thank god i did it is fantastic all the female leads do a great job and i was shocked(pleasently) when they started singing it just came out of nowhere. And VIRGINIE LEDOYEN and EMMANUEL BEART are so beautiful in this movie. bEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR




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Without adoubt one of the best comedies ever, 7 September 2003

This show is very funny that few times i have been unable to breath because i was laughing so much. We have so much crap comedies nowadays but every so often one comes out that is so funny. This along with Peter Kays Pheonix Nights The Office are real gems. They have very good drawn out characters that everone of them are funny.

Derrick ''Dellboy'' Trotter. Is a dodgey geezer but you love him anyway

Rodney ''Rodders'' trotter. Dereks brother and straight guy doesnt like Dels Deals but ends up getting drawn in.

Trigger. Dimwit but the funniest character and my personal faveourite.

Denzil. The worker the only one who grafts for a living.

the best characters of a long time

Boycie. Smarmy succesfull buisnessman but you still like him.

Grandad. sadly passed away befor his character was fully developed but still funny in what i saw of him.

Uncle Albert. Always talking about the war was probably brought in beacause of grandads death.

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I Liked This, 7 September 2003

I must be one of the few people who liked this. i thought it was atmospheric and sexy. Ashley Judd just oozes sex apeall and Ewan McGreger plays the computer geek/special agent perfectly so what if the plot is non excistant this is a good movie

Hackers (1995)
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Brilliant Movie, 22 July 2003

I watched this movie by accident but i am glad i did. it is not a well known movie but i think it is great. the plot is stupid and unbelieveable but it is really enjoyable. i am not a big fan of Johnny Lee Miller but even in this he is good. it also is the first time i saw Angelina Jolie who in this is good. in all good performances all round and good movie

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