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Just because a movie is on this list doesn't mean it's bad (although some of these movies are indeed bad). It just means I enjoy the movie more than I should. I tried not to put in obvious ones like "The Room" or "Plan 9 from Outer Space."
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Maybe I should spend more time watching these movies instead of Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan
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Keep in mind that there are plenty of movies I don't own yet that I want to own real badly. For example, I don't own Requiem for a Dream, yet I love it more than at least fifty of the movies on here. Also I own some bad movies for no reason (for example, I don't know why the hell I own Star Trek 9 when I don't have 2). So please ignore that fact that I am missing titles like Casablanca, Star Wars 4-6, Citizen Kane, etc.
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Includes live-action feature films based off of Marvel comics (including imprints) as well as extra cuts of certain films that I happen to see. This list does not include serials, television movies, or animated movies. (Man-Thing is not included because while it was theatrically released in certain countries, it is only a television movie in the United States, which is where I live). Also keep in mind that these are my opinion.
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I don't consider Army of Darkness a horror movie
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Henchmen included
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Nolan is probably my favorite director of all time. I don't find a single one of them to not be great on some level (Yet at the same time I acknowledge that not everyone feels that way). However some are better than others...
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This list was made before Girl with the Dragon Tattoo came out and I still haven't seen it. Therefore it is not on this list
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I haven't seen Pirahna 2