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It's a great movie, 13 April 2011

I've seen this film just 4 days ago in cinema and I think 'Jodaeiye Nader AZ Simin' Is one of the best movies which I've ever seen. I give 100 from 100 score to this movie And I invite all Iranian and all the people around the world to see this great DRAMA movie and I individually thanks million from the respected director; ASGHAR FARHADI; to make such a wonderful dramatic movie. I appreciate SHAHAB HOSYNI , LEYLA HATAMI, PEYMAN MA'ADI and SAREH BAYAT to playing one of their best roles in this unique movie. These days, in my country most of the people go to cinema to see this movie and almost all of them are satisfied by it. If we had such as this movie in our country more, we would be one one of the greatest movie makers in the world. However our directors are restricted by lot's of limitations like 'VEZARATE FARHANG VA ERSHAD ESLAMI, they try to do the best and make the best film. From Iranian's directors I like ASGHAR FARHADI, BAHMAN GHOBADI, ABBAS KIA ROSTAMI and ALI HATAMI. from Iranian's actors I like SHAHAB HOSEYNI, HAMED BHDAD va BAHRAM RADAN. from Iranian actress I like GOLSHIFTEH FARAHANI, MAHTAB KERAMATI, HEDYEH TEHRANI, LEYLA HATAMI and TARANEH ALI-DUSTI.