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Movies with a "room" as the main premise, mostly horror or suspense with a strong psychological thriller/ torture aspect.

If you like movies depicting a group of enclosed people participating in sick games, this is your thing!

Please recommend similar movies!
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Some excellent trash/exploitation/grindhouse/non-sense/low budget/B-movies... whatever you wanna call it!
It's all about fun & popcorns... and i love that *beep*
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Unique cult movies!
Exquisite flicks!
Underrated gems!
Underground cinema!
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because there is life beyond Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks and all the other giant studios!
Here you will find a few great artistic animations!
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Each director is associated with a list of my favorite movies. Both directors and movies are in order of preference.
This list is only about directors with firmed credits and recognized careers, so those with just one or two hits are excluded.
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Work in progress!