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With the exception of the top name on the list, you could easily rearrange this list in any way you wish. I do not pretend to have every beauty on this list, just a sampling of the beauties which should be considered. Any list which tried to have the top one hundred of anything, is short by several thousand.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Never forget, like the characters they pretend to be in film, much of what you see is a carefully arranged illusion. Like all of us, each and every one of these ladies have their own wants, likes and dislikes. If you ever see any of these ladies in real life, I doubt they will look the same as you see them on the silver screen. After all, they are pretending to be someone else.

Have fun disagreeing with my personal picks.

One final note. I have deliberately left off this list women who do not have a picture on IMDB. Sorry about that, but I want you to be able to see the woman in question. While it is true that a few lovely ladies such as Rebecca Schaeffer are left off, this is my list and I will hold true to my rule. For those of you who disagree, in the words of Charley Chan "SO SOLLY"!