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Bah. Spit it out!, 10 September 2007

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Oh my goodness, I had to see it at a Monday's preview. It was really terrible. The last 15 minutes are not that bad. But all the rest of this movie is cheap kitsch. It fulfills all the clichés a really bad movie has to. At first, there is a glad family, without any fears or threats. Then a really bad guy kills the first son. (Its all filmed with sad piano or pop music. It reminds at Titanic or Pearl Harbor). Then the poor and struck down father starts to kill the bad guys. But they strike back. He even loses his wife. (Thats where I started to cry) Now the director tried to make a cool movie out of it. He gave him a few guns and let all the bad guys die. These scenes looked not bad.. they were even funny and had even style. But that doesn't compensate for the rest. And when the end comes, there is the father watching family videos and the a police officer, who nearly understands his revenge. And the dialogs... Great. Great.. 2 words to sum up: Chlichê, Kitsch

Saw III (2006)
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oh my god, this movie kicks ass. Its own., 11 February 2007

I'm a fan of the first SAW movie. It was really an intelligent, thrilling and interesting movie. Then came SAW II. It wasn't really good, but it was a !little bit! entertaining. But then, I saw SAW III at the preview and I nearly fell asleep. It was so awful. The story is so artificial andm unrealistic, that it hurts. Jigsaw's games are now really stupid and bad planned. And there's no real context. The Actors, without Jigsaw, are also chosen very well :D. All in all, its hard to believe, that James Wang made this third movie of SAW. He made the 1st and it was great. He didn't make SAW II and this movie failed. And now he made SAW III, and he didn't fail, he rocked the bottom.


Barnyard (2006)
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barnyard, the real fun!, 25 September 2006

I've seen this movie at the Monday night preview... i think its one of the best animated movies in history. Even for adults. That's Nickelodeon!! A really good movie, with a lot of jokes and well made characters. Lots of people write in their comments, that it has a bad story... but all the other animation films have similar stories, again and again.. and these ones aren't criticized as much as this one... VERY STRANGE-

Then, there are ones who think, that barnyard is bad animated. But in my eyes, thats wrong. It looks very nice and its very detailed.

Another important thing is, that it has an own style. it isn't really like all the other pixar movies for example. its simply much funnier.

my advise: watch it

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Probably one of the best horror movies ever, 7 April 2006

Few years ago, the horror film seemed to die out. There were only bad "Saturday-Night-Shockers", like "Dark Water" and "The Grudge". But new film makers like Eli Roth (...) are now going to save it. 2001 maniacs is a bloody, gory and (especially) funny movie... Everything you don't find in the most of the new horror movies, it's right in here. Gore, Sarcasm, a (almost) good story, good actors (esp. "Robert Englund") and a bit of tension. It's simply obvious, that this director loves his genre and that he has lots of fun in creating gory and sarcastic scenes. The topic "the American civil war" and the traditions of the south, are used to create this great splatter movie, probably the best of 2005 (behind "TDR").

Antibodies (2005)
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my advise for you - watch it !, 17 July 2005

When i a friend of mine told me, that Antikörper would be a cheap reproduction of "Silence of the Lambs", i didn't believe in him. After watching it, i know, that i was right. The basic structure of the two films are quite the same, but the rest of the two movies differ in each way.

The shocking and fascinating story of "Antikörper", which contains a lot of psychological aspects, is very great and very exciting. It's basically about the evil in each other, but i don't want to tell you too much... Then, the performance of the actors is excellent, and so give the advise to everyone who likes fastidious, thrilling and all in all well-done masterpieces, to watch it! (10/10)

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Lucas finishes the series of "star wars". And he totally fails., 26 May 2005

When i went to the cinema, i expected to watch the greatest part of star wars, because it is about the transformation of Anakin Skywalker, who will be "Darth Vader" (everybody knows that...) (I add, that i am only a fan of the old 3 s.w. movies). But what i saw was a very dumb and boring movie. According to me, it is the worst "chapter" of StarWars. The only thing, in which George Lucas succeeded, are the special effects, e.g. the ears of "master Yoda". But that's not enough!... Even the battles between the "Sith" and the good, are very boring and ridiculous. Then, the "Jedis" aren't "Jedis" anymore. Now (when you compare them with the "Jedis" of Episode 4to6), they aren't anymore the cool warriors who always stand alone and who always respect the "Jedi"-rules, doesn't matter what happens. Now, they fight together with other "Jedis"(even Alien-"Jedis" exist) in Arenas (in ep.2, too) and will spit on the "Jedi"-rules, if it is useful. That's why I think, that in some parts, George Lucas didn't understand his first three movies. "StarWars" lost a great part of his style, which is noticeably shown in the first 3 movies. I can't forgive him this stupid change.

Another point of criticism is, that the story is very boring and that the movie is too long (like ep.1 and 2). The only thing which happens in this movie, is the transformation of Anakin.. And that's it... That's all.. But this is a story, that i will show in a short-movie, and not in an about 140-minutes-movie. the worst thing about this movie is, that this transformation is shown ridiculously.

To sum up, George Lucas created the myth of star wars in --30 years and destroyed it in only 140 minutes.

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a very bloody wedding, good actors and much fun!, 19 April 2005

"Die Bluthochzeit" makes us remember, that the German cinema can produce very dramatic and funny comedies. It tells the story of a young man, who wants to marry his great love. His father organizes a wedding party at an hotel, which he wants to buy. But the owner doesn't want to sell it. That's why the father cancels the party. Then he doesn't want to pay for the meal, because it doesn't taste perfectly. That's why the owner locks the toilet, while the wife is cleaning her skirt, there. Now he has two "hostages". This is the beginning of a war between a family and a matron of a hotel and his barkeeper.

Its a very funny movie and i would advise to watch it!

Terminator 3, Arny said i'll be back and now he is back, 11 August 2003

.. with an excellent action movie. The Story continues with John Connor, the son of the ancient target of the terminators: Sarah Connor. This time, a female terminator called TERMINATRIX was build to search and destroy John Connor, the last hope of the humans. But Arny came back.....

The action, the actors, the story, the sound and the graphics of this movie are very good and so the viewer quickly gets to know that he's sitting in a terminator-movie that is nearly the best one of the series

T H A N K Y O U A R N Y......