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I have many guilty pleasures and these I do not consider among them...Why? I do not consider it a guilty pleasure to be mesmerized by good storytelling, brilliant character development and surprising twists all along the way.
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Transformational, thought-provoking movies...movies that get some big conversations going sometimes! Movies that have the power to inspire and/or motivate us to look at our own lives, motivations, ideals. These are movies, IMHO that everyone should see at least once in their lives.

I hope you'll share your impressions about the list, about the movies and that you'll watch the ones you haven't and recommend others that you think I'll enjoy!

Thanks for reading!
...and when I get right down to it, this is a list of my favorite films. Period. I love movies that move me, inspire me, lead me to ponder life and the intricacies of it...the twists and turns....all that good stuff...the marrow!

THESE are the movies I will watch over and over again!

and they are listed in no particular order