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Pretty good., 6 January 2004

This is a newer hidden camera show put on by MTV. The basis is improv actors test real people to their limits by doing cruel yet funny acts. They give a boiling point limit time, so if 15 minutes is the time and they snap before then they lose the show. If they make the time limit they reward them with 100 dollars. Keep in mind they have no previous knowledge of the improv actors.

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Laugh out loud funny, 20 December 2003

This movie gets funnier as I get older. Not a good sign, but oh well. Lets face it, this is no blockbuster film, but deep in your hearts that part of being a kid comes out and just laughs at this film. Hogan is the king of cheasy. The dialogue is hilarious and there really isnt a bad actor in this film. Lloyd is one of the better actors ive seen in my life and Larry Miller is always good for a laugh or two. Shelly isnt bad herself. I dunno, this movie fits some peoples humor and not others.