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Gosford Park (2001)
Am I the only one who don't like this movie ?
14 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers (like you don't now what it is)

Can't believe how people (and that's rising) like films that other people (read: media) tell them their good. That's so sad and stupid, first we would have true rating on this site if people would be: only true to themselves and had opinion.

Film is so boring, sooooooo. Even thou your brain is always on with that short cuts, they are still boring and after 30 minutes of watching (maybe less) you just don't care anymore how its gonna end. And anyone would guess (even without watching the trailer) that it's gonna be like in those Agatha Christie books and others plagiats of the plot: we had our snobbish party and look what happened someone is killed, god who is it. Even that Poirot episode would be more fun than this. And don't think that boriness would end soon, the film is 3 hours long.

And about other Altman movies I don't think he is bad, he definitely has his sign in every film, and when you watched you definitely know its him. I didn't like Short cuts (the movie) but I liked Doctor T and the women and Cookie's fortune is one of my favorites.

And Ryan Phillippe is so bad after his two scenes that its funny. He should never been cast for this film. Well that's not something he should regret cause film is BAD.

Overall rating should be 3, 1 for this film, yeah if 70% of the people wasn't stupid.

Ill be genres with this one: 2 out of ten.
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It failed.
2 May 2004
A LITTLE SPOIL cause film is hollow and if I want to tell anything about it I would tell you whole film.

I was expecting something good out of this film cause I heard so much about it and cast is great. But, it failed. It was most of the time boring. And for the first half of the movie I get sick of that blood sucking crap. Film is a mess has huge hole in the script. Story goes well in first 1/3 of the film then falls apart and start circling around same thing again and again. I mean if the point and center of this script is mistake made when young girl turned in vampire, then you should skip this one. Maybe you should see it because of great acting first by Kirsten Dunst, young Kirsten Dunst. She is great, her best role till now. She can eat Brad Pitt for breakfast. I didn't know age difference between her an Cruise, Pitt - its so big. She is a proof that young movie star can have great adult acting career. And I think this is best performance by Tom Cruise till now (even better then Magnolia). While Pitt and Banderas were too cold and bad in this one (if they ever were good). Like I said, it failed for me, so I gave it 5/10. Thanks for reading.
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Very good sport movie.
8 August 2003
I think I spoil. I just think.

There isn't much sport movies, not much about golf either. There isn't much good films about sport, but this one is different. I really don't like golf, I find it boring, but this film shows a golf in a whole new perspective, in interesting and entertaining way, so I change my mind about it. Really good film with interesting story, amassing acting, picture and directing. Will Smith and Charlize Theron are absolutely superior, but Mat Demon is bad as he always is. He always needs someone to back up on him, to support him, so Will and Charlize did it this time, and they did it extraordinary. More I watch movies with Charlize Theron, more I like her. This is her best performance till now, she was excellent in Cider House Rules too. She is perfect for this part, she is graceful, charming, gentle, ambitious, temperament, beautiful and very very very sexy. It is obvious that Will Smith is great in this kind of role, and that they should giving him it often, radar than stupid roles such as one in Man in black, film also stupid. It is interesting that this film carries a title of non main character Bagger Vance, whom plays Will Smith. I think main character is one that plays Mat Demon, but when you think about it, you realize what importance has Bagger in main character's life. He helps him with golf, what attached him again with his girlfriend, and bring him to life again. I was very amused of directing of this film all through. And in the end when i saw name Robert Redford, I very surprised. How can one actor be so good in directing? I was really amazed. Well done Robert. So, in the end my vote. It is between 7 and 8. This why you need to put 7.5 on your list. Almost every film is worth watching, this one especially.

P.S. Sorry for my English.
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