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Wide range of the best of all genres that any discriminating movie goer must see- Not necessarily my favorites but most of the best!
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The greatest actors of our time. I think it's fair to say that this is the second Golden age of Hollywood. The body of work by these fine actors is incredible. In order of age.
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Whom I consider to be the best directors in my cinematic lifetime. 1980- Present
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Doesn't matter if you call it Handsome, Dashing, Debonair, or just Sexy, in their hayday, these guys kept women rivited. Throughout the course of American cinema regardless of taste these are the guys that come to mind when we think HOT!
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Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood History, American Cinema. No Order after 1-5. Some beauty transcends peoples particular taste, no matter your preferences these 75 women are undeniably lovely.Not all pictures do the actress justice, check them out.
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List of People I personally find very attractive or sexy!
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50 best full or partially animated movies in Hollywood History Very hard to narrow down to 50, some of my personal faves are not here but I think these are the best animation and story wise.
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The movies that helped define the MTV generation. In order of release, you know you've seen em admit it!
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