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Gamers (2006)
13 May 2008
This movie is a must see for any geek. I laughed constantly. I actually had to stop the movie twice cause I was laughing so hard. A lot of the jokes are more along the lines of toilet humor, but still well done.

I actually made all my friends watch it after I saw it, and they all liked it as well.

Low budget, but that perhaps adds to the charm of this movie.

The acting was actually pretty good. I was really surprised to see a few well known actors/actresses in the movie as well.

Give the movie a shot, you might be highly surprised. I know I was, especially considering how low the score is on the IMDb page.
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The Collector (2004–2006)
My take on seasons 1 & 2
12 June 2005
I've watched both seasons of The Collector. I must say that I do like the series.

The only thing I don't like is the constant replaying of the same scenes of his past over and over again. I would say they took about 15 minutes worth of footage and used it to fill in about an hour or two worth of playtime throughout the 2 seasons.

I really like the diversity of characters they bring into each episode, including the ever changing Devil. Some characters you find you want to be saved and others you just wish Morgan would push the button and send them to hell.

I won't say what happened to Jeri Slate, but I definitely didn't expect what did happen to happen. You'll just have to watch to find out. :) Definitely give it a chance, I think most people will enjoy it. It's not quite as fast paced as most American TV shows, which is good and bad, but instead keeps it's own unique pace.
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This movie was great!
4 December 2004
I have to admit that I had doubts going into this movie. I had seen a few of the TV episodes which had some funny bits now and then, but hardly anything to make it memorable.

The movie is a bit like the TV show, except with the craziness turned way up! I myself and the 4 others watching together consisted of an age range of 19 to 30. It didn't take long before we were all laughing. This movie is great in that it's clean for children, yet still has great silliness that even adults will enjoy. The humor factor in this movie definitely gets a high 9 out of 10. There were a few moments where we all laughing uncontrollably and repeating phrases because they were so funny. Even hours after the movie, we were still commenting on some of the funniest parts, and grabbing more laughs as we went along.

I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. Well, at least anyone older than 4, kids younger than that will most likely miss a lot of the humor. I can honestly say, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie experience and really would be happy watching it again.
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Two Brothers (2004)
Wonderful emotional movie
23 October 2004
I must say I went into this movie expecting a boring children's movie. The movie is slow paced through several parts of the movie. However, there are scene of extreme cuteness from the tiger cubs to get you through the slow beginning. The middle part of the movie does pick up a bit and follows us through what happens to the cubs after taken from the jungle. The end is quite well paced as there is a lot going on and a lot of excitement. Throughout the movie you just can't help but hate the humans for how they treat the poor tigers. I found myself talking to the screen and telling them to kill the humans in the circus. Although there was not much in the way of bloodshed, the hostility presented by both sides was well portrayed. This movie should be shown to children to let them see what sadly really does happen in the world. As I, many adults will also find this to be a surprisingly good movie when given the chance.
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