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Successfully continues the RE franchise. It's not bad!, 7 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've seen quite some awful reviews , i'm glad i ignored them.

I for one like this film better than it's predecessor. There's the Wesker twist, Rain gone bad, Jill gone good (back to normal), multicultural zombies, umbrella showing us it's teeth again, better effects, nice car chase, Milla never looked better, and to be honest i'm satisfied with the acting and the cast enough to enjoy this film.

I find that it successfully mixes in one big bowl bits of other films, including ambiance, effects, recurring cast and we're all back to experiments yet again. THE ENDING is bad-ass and somehow fits the current flow of the franchise.

It's NOT racist, or boring, or disappointing, you can never have enough latex, women fighting, gun fights and cheesy dialogues. But YOU can however have a little bit of all those things into one nice film.

I FOR ONE ENJOYED IT QUITE A BIT, and just an advice: ALWAYS IGNORE reviews good or bad. Go with your guts. I felt like watching such a film, i'm glad i did. Tomorrow i might watch some romance...who knows. Enjoy!!!

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This generation's Awesome Spider-Man., 29 October 2012

I've scrolled thru various reviews. And all i got was nag nag nag. True fans, take and enjoy every bit of their favorite hero they can get. It also might depend on various generations of viewers. I for one, past my teen years but not full adulthood yet, SERIOUSLY ENJOYED THIS FILM. I've seen the first others of course, they were great. But for another universe and a whole new storyline this is also GREAT. Best advice: DON'T WATCH THIS FILM EXPECTING A SAME FILM AS THE PREVIOUS SPIDEY'S, CLEAR YOUR HEAD AND ENJOY YOURSELF INSTEAD.

It is simply somehow a fitting film for the year 2012. Sure it can always get better, but i for one got everything i wanted from a Spider- Man film. And i urge those that haven't watched this yet, DON'T take in consideration the negative or positive reviews. Seriously WATCH THE FILM and then judge for yourselves. You might get surprised.

I can't concentrate in the cinema, so, watching this on my cozy couch i got in the mood and felt exhilarated at numerous scenes. Andrew you're awesome. Emma hot as usual. Go Spidey!

Looking forward for the sequel!

"True Fans" -> Finally something NEW and ORIGINAL and there still are problems. Jeeeez, tough crowd!