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Truly Unforgettable!, 29 July 2013

Let me just cut to the chase here: teens & up, you should see this. (There are some very mature themes & graphic images.) This documentary is the story of a man who was a general in the army during the Liberian civil war years ago. He & his brigade were known for running around nude as they committed their numerous atrocities. They were *highly* feared!!! The name "Butt Naked" might make *us* blush or giggle, but the very mention of it struck deep fear in the hearts of Liberians. This man & his troops were evil incarnate! Some of the things they did are simply unspeakable. However, the general laid down his weapons & stopped fighting in 1996...and eventually became a born-again Christian! I'll let you find out the rest! His story --- especially his life since his conversion --- as well as those of several of his former soldiers AND his victims/victims' families is what this documentary covers. I think I felt just about every major emotion I have multiple times. One of my favourite things about this film? It *never* tries to sway you or tell you what to think or how to feel about all of this. I would honestly like to own a copy. Never thought I'd say that about something with such a title!