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Welcome 2015!!!!
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there are a lot of movie director. and it is my best movie director all of time
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I know this is too late. But this is my List. It is so hard to choose 30 movies on 2013. Because on 2013 i watched a lot of awesome movie. But this is 5 honorable movie : -Captain Phillips -Miracle in Cell no.7 -Only God Forgives -Alan Partridge : Alpha Papa -Saving Mr. Banks
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every years i always make list of movies tht i can hardy wait to see. and this is my list about 2013 movies.
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This is my List about 30 best movies on 2012.
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There are so many movie realease date in 2012.. this is my list for all movies that i want to see in 2012
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This is my list about 30 Movies that i like. all movie in this list are realease on 2011.. but in my condition, not all movie was realease on 2011 in my country. some movie was realease on 2012. and also some movie didn't show on my country theater. so, maybe im late to make this list. i create this list from the best in my opinion. here there are.
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there are a lot o movie i've watch.. but this is my list about all the "memorable movie"
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This list just my prediction....