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To me,looks are not what make the actor,funny though it may seem in an industry like Hollywood.I look for versatility and that marked intensity with which the performer does his/her piece.To simply be 'good' is not enough when I'm watching a film.
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Usually,I never look at the looks of somebody,even actors but some of them really do...hmmm..
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I tend to have a strange attraction for Capricorns.I was born on the 27th of December,myself.
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I love watching films and have many favourites but these are the select few that really struck a chord with me.These are the ones that I'll watch over and over and won't get tired of it.
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These are the characters that made such an impression than one was left long after thinking about them despite them having a fleeting life on a screen.
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These are those movies that really let me down.
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