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As a budding cinemaphile, I decided to keep track of exactly what I watched in 2012, and on what date. Using the top 250 as inspiration, I went in search of some of the best films ever made, and I found them, too. Others in this list, of course, were watched just to pass the time, or were recommended by my dad. The funny thing is, when you look at the dates you can see when I had a movie night, when I was obsessed with a particular director or actor, which films I saw almost immesiately upon release (in other words: the ones I was waiting for), and which ones only came to my attention a few weeks after release. I will be making a list like this for 2013 as well. Happy new year to all!
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Roughly in order, but don't hold me to it. As for the dutch-spoken Paul Verhoeven films, you'll just have to trust me (a dutchman) when I tell you that they're great.
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Just some of the best action films ever (in my opinion).