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give me Goldfinger any day, 1 January 2007

Give me Goldfinger any day. This movie reminds me of the American version of Godzilla -- Godzilla was reinvented into an animal were the former Japanese model acted like a human. With this Bond film, we have an animal, were the old Bond acted like a human. This movie was long, boring. I believe Bond movies needs to be retired. Bond formula has been worn out and the reinvented Bond doesn't work. At least with Goldfinger or The Spy Who Loved Me -- I had fun. With Casino Royale, I kept asking myself, why did I waste money on this. The music was horrible until the end when they finally played the James Bond theme in full. The only time I smiled! What made the early Bond films fun was the music by John Barry. Most of his Bond scores were very memorable. The music for this film was forgettable including the movie.