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I am hoping to start a movie review video series where I review films that considered horrible (while also reviewing some favorites of mine and some lists).

No order. Not complete.
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A project I have been doing. This is the list of film which I have put together that:

1. Have influenced countless other movies and the way they were made,
2. Have influenced popular culture,
3. emotional value and
4. Have immense entertainment value
5. Aesthetic quality and overall look
6. Quality of the performances and the direction

I am hoping to reach at least 300 films, and there still is a lot more I actually have not seen. If there is one that you feel should be on this list, please comment below.

These films are presented in an alphabetical order (well, title order off of I'll put it to proper ABC order later).
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These are mostly episodes from NuWho since I got into that first. I am slowly, *slowly* getting into the old series.
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Yeah...I'm a brony... Would not have thought I would be. Anyway, these are some of my favorite episodes.
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All the Chaplin films I have seen in order of favorites.
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All the Miyazaki films I have seen in order of favorites.

Personally, I love them all.