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Earth and Beyond (2002) (VG)
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Enb will be back, 3 July 2006

Earth & Beyond is the most daring, creative and fun online game ever made. There is no other game like it and nobody is developing anything similar. It has great raiding potential but perhaps works even better as a solo experience.

Enb at release was quite possibly a couple of years ahead of it's time. It crash landed in a world obsessed with the Lord of the Rings films and the cancellation of star trek. It's appeal was niche and EA was not about to 'challenge everything'. Electronic Arts shut down the game in a timely fashion after a string of cash whoring in-game schemes. It's their loss of course as another company has now turned profitable with EA's old customers.

'The addition of Mythic to the EA family reflects our deep commitment to the online gaming market worldwide' says EA this month. I don't remember them asking the Enb community on alternatives to totally shutting down our game though. Legally they can do whatever they want to it and clearly they don't care about their community after getting their cash.

Pledge your support for an Enb revival. All we want is for EA to give us permission and support to play the game ourselves. Post on their forums get in touch with Enb community members. Let them know that Enb should be played ! ;)

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This show is class, 8 February 2006

BBC three released two comedy sketch shows within two months. One was rotten, but TBB was a gem. When TBB started being advertised I was of course very reserved in my enthusiasm, little Britain is a hard act to follow...

TBB really is unique and brilliant for many reasons. The editing couldn't be better, the choice of music is inspired, just look at the use of Divine comedy's national express as the entertainers theme. Then at the start of Peacocks scene you can hear the music coming up through the floor of his apartment!

So many funny characters, I am very hopeful for a second series.

Class, 5 November 2003

Bison is a favourite character in the game, and his appearence in the movie did not dissappoint. Totally unlike the 800pound floating fatman of the anime and alpha games, we have a lunatic here played to the full. The bit where he gasses chunli was perfect. The rest of the film was crap.

A class of it's own, 12 October 2003

This film is best viewed with a friend who appreciates the finer points of horror, and humour. Someone who watches it recently after The Two Towers and starts comparing the films is way off.

This is the kind of film that shows it's age in a classic way, that makes you just enjoy it more. Like all good horror genre it gets better with the passage of time, of course this film is more about black comedy than fright...

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Gary Cole Ownage, 26 August 2003

This show is amazing. I started watching it because I recognised Gary Cole, but it didn't take long to enjoy the show, and not just the actor. I found no fault with the program. The mood is perfect for insomniac nights up, coming off the nightshift or settling down with a bottle yer favourite beverage.

A classic

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The Guide, 28 July 2003

All these comments seem to say the special effects are rubbish but it's dated so it's ok, or it can be overlooked. For me the effects were part of the magic of this series. The low budget forces all the production crew to improvise, and this keeps things interesting. Even the 'it's not as good as the book' croud have an activity, Spot the gaps in the story and changes!

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Shocking, 18 July 2003

I started watching this show, cause I thought it was late night trash. Something to watch cause there was nothing else on. This all changed about 6-7 episodes into the series though. MKC started to introduce story arcs ( the characters memories arn't wiped after 45 mins for a new episode ). Things happen in this show, relationships and politics that you don't really expect.

At the end of every episode, I was left saying to myself " that was the best episode yet...". The final episode totally confirms this, seeing as the show was not revived for a 2nd series, this is probably the most refreshing finale I have ever seen.

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Perfect, 18 July 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's all flawless. I have watched it many many times, and it never gets old. Always tense, exciting and worrying. The sense of heated desperation always hits me watching this. The only problem with this show, is that nobody has heard of it. It's not possible to talk about a show that nobody has seen. cause you don't wanna give spoilers :(

"Crusade" (1999)
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A victim of the industry, 18 July 2003

How many shows/films at IMDB get better that 60% positive feedback? As I read the reviews for crusade, I only see a couple of people that didn't like the show. (One of them just wasn't ready for the different direction in music and assumes everyone feels the same way.) The rest of the people were touched by a great vision that was never completed.

It's amazing that Crusade became my favourite TV show after watching just 2 episodes. The combination of stories, acting and music just worked. I had very little clue that the show had been meddled with until I seriously watched the episodes in sucession. Even after finding out about TNT and the cancellation, it didnt remove my enjoyment.

"NightMan" (1997)
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Cherish it, 17 July 2003

The show converts the same values as a comic onto the screen in a similar way to the original batman series. It uses charm as it's main weapon, and pulls it off with room to spare. It has a strange ability to cut through the mental blocks of brainwashed viewers who would usually not watch a program with a low budet, bad effects and/or dodgy acting. Most people can actually appreciate this show, if only for humour value. This show and it's exellent jazz rhythm should be on the TV more. 10 stars.

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