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Movies that Sandra Bullock starred in. These are only movies that I have seen.
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This list is made up of TV shows that I watched in the late 90s and early 2000s when Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon were actually cool.
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Singers / solo artists I love.
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May contain at your own risk. XD
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Movies that I have seen and enjoy(for the most part)...not in any particular order as I love them all(for the most part).The Terminator is my all-time favorite movie, though.
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amazing actresses [in my opinion] No particular order with the exception of the top 10 ( they are awesome ) . Linda Hamilton and Sandra Bullock are awesome. :)
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Movies I have seen and think are great. (Rated 7.0 and above)
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I absolutely love Science Fiction! So, here are my favorite Sci-Fi movies. Feel free to comment or let me know about any movies that you think I should check out.
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My favourite bands in the whole world! and my favourite song by them :) Not in any order really, except for the fact that Heart rules!! I'm a Heartmonger for life, so deal with it.
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These are my favourite TV shows. I love watching them all.
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My personal favorite episodes of the Walking Dead, which has quickly become my favorite show on TV.
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Movies based on books(mainly ones I have seen). I have included the author as well.
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I was bored and Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress so I put this together. :)
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No particular order with the exception of the top 10 of course. They are the best actors...[in my opinion and mine alone] :)