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"I don't' believe it"........, 9 February 2013
1/10 the last line that Dr Earl Hill/Frank Langella utters in this saga. And therein lies the best way to sum up this telemovie that is catastrophic, but for all the wrong reasons.

Pity he didn't pay more attention to it when he read this thing & agreed to do it!

Apparently, more lines are required to make this review valid! Really? What else is there to say? Not bad enough to be "so bad, it's good". Every clichéd piece of dialogue that has ever graced a bad telemovie, gathered together & trotted out one after the other. Is that enough now??!!!

So bad it's........REALLY REALLY BAD!!!!, 13 March 2012

Yet another time it's embarrassing to admit you're Australian, even if this nightmare did eventuate out of the US. Hey, another reviewer said the Australian accents were either fake or overdone. The tragedy is, all the Aussie characters *were* played by Australian actors. Need I say more??!! I am astonished that so many thought this movie was reasonable enough to fit in the 'mildly entertaining, OK way to waste 90mins' type category. I only saw just over half of it, (& that's only because I had the TV on as background noise) but trust me, you only need about 5mins to get the gist.

The only way these incredibly cheesy 'epic' save-the-world disaster movies work is if they have a mega-buck budget spent on some majorly impressive special effects, keep as far away as possible from trying to incorporate any sort of 'real science', don't in any way try to teach us anything, have some larger than life iconic and at least half-decent actors who can pull off the appallingly bad dialogue well enough for us to be charmed into suspending disbelief & letting them take us on the ride.

This film has none of those elements. NONE

Do not waste your time. Unless someone pays you to watch it. Like, I mean, A LOT of money!! ;)

Seduced by Lies (2010) (TV)
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Weak script, average acting, a cliché a minute, 8 March 2012

If you like to have the TV running in the background while you are doing stuff around the house, then this movie would be fine for that. Every character is a cariciature, the plot is one cliché after another & the script is woeful- soap opera woeful. I do have to defend the lead actors butt! It's a sad day when a woman as slender as that is described as having a big butt. Honestly, there are probably better shows you could use as background noise; the script becomes really irritating at times. The only reason I even got to 'see' most of this movie is because I was working on the computer, it was true background noise & so was somewhat tuned out. Speaking as a middle aged woman, it is offensive to suggest that 'we' would enjoy such tripe. I'd have to be lobotomised first.

Crush (2009/II)
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Home & Away tries to be Psycho Thriller = bad, bad, bad......., 5 April 2011

Well, I am from Perth & IMHO the only honest review on this page is from the much maligned 'Craig in Canada'.

I won't reinvent the wheel; Craig hit the nail on the head. That anyone could describe this cast in such glowing terms, much less the plot & scriptwriting is beyond me.

Within seconds of Egan opening his mouth, I was cringing at his awful accent. And as has been pointed out, that he is supposedly American adds nothing to the plot, so why torture us?

The frat boy friends are a complete mystery. And as for the supposed 'can't see it coming from a mile off' ending....spare me. Saw it coming from about 10 minutes in.

I'm all for encouraging good local film making. But this is most definitely NOT it! I can't see anyone independent of the production company who made this lemon holding the glowing views that have been expressed here. And the endless references to Nexus by name pretty much confirm that to be the case.

If you're missing your dose of bad Australian soapie in the off-season, then maybe this will take the edge off. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.