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So here's a list of films from 2011 that I have seen and liked.2011 was not a great year for films,I admit,but still I found these films worth watching.I have ranked the films in a particular order in which I prefer them and I also think that the top 20 films will not be deleted from public memory soon.Don't hesitate to comment and share your opinions too....
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Why do we watch movies?That question would be answered by most of us as-"Just to have fun",others will tell,"To pass time.",others will probably just ignore this question.But I think the secret lies somewhere deep inside.I think we all cherish to know how others perceive the things that we know or think about.Also we all like to explore the unknown and some ideas that would not have bothered us.Watching films is like a quest where on the road,we get entertained,cry,laugh,sometimes even become amazed at the height human creativity has reached.So here I list some movies that made me "think" and taught me something.Share your opinions too!